[Your Objective Should Always Be To Eliminate Instructions Entirely By Making Everything Self-explanatory, Or As Close To It As Possible. When Instructions Are Absolutely Necessary, Cut Them Back To A Bare Minimum.]

Author: Steve Krug Quotes

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David Ruffin Quotes

"We should not clap our hands and mourn, for he is out of trouble. You are still in it."

Adnan Pachachi Quotes

"I think the Shiites want a theocracy."

Alex Pattakos Quotes

"BOB DIAMOND: "Being from earth as you are and using as little of your brain as you do, your life has pretty much been devoted to dealing with fear.DAN MILLER: "It has?"BOB DIAMOND: "Everybody on earth deals with fear. Thats what little brains do."BOB DIAMOND: "Did you ever have friends whose stomach hurt?"DAN MILLER: "Every one of them."BOB DIAMOND: "Its fear. Fear is like a giant fog. It sits on your brain and blocks everything. Real feeling, true happiness, real joy, they cant get through that fog. But you lift it and buddy youre in for the ride of your life."(From the movie Defending Your Life)"

Rita Hayworth Quotes

"All I wanted was just what everybody else wants, you know, to be loved."

Lord Kelvin Quotes

"In science there is only physics; all the rest is stamp collecting."

Hajime Isayama Quotes

"The difference in judgement between you and me originates from different rules derived from past experience."

Omar EL KADMIRI Quotes

"In search for love, where love is some Oxytocin,seeking happiness related to Orexin. Sensations of glory, motivation and success, They are all some precious chemicals. Our mind is greedy, and falls into depression when he is no longer satisfied. LIFE IS A DRUG STORE WE ARE ALL JUNKIES."

Mary Lou Williams Quotes

"Quite a few musicians came to our house. And my ma took me to hear many more, hoping to encourage in me a love of music. But she wouldnt consent to my having music lessons, for she feared I might end up as she had done - unable to play except from paper."

Javier Solana Quotes

"The views of the European Union are fully reflected in this text, particularly the key objective of the EU, namely vigorously to address the disarmament of Iraq and to do so within the framework of the UN Security Council."

John Clute Quotes

"Each of them is a book through which other books dream. (referring to Nodiers SMARRA and TRILBY)"

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Quotes About Backstabbers And True Friends

"A true brave man is the one who dares to work against personal interest." - Author: Khem Veasna

Quotes About Being In Love With Your Girlfriend

"Little white lies are part of everyday life. If youre in court being charged with a felony, youre probably going to be tempted to lie. Or if your girlfriend asks you if the sweater she is wearing makes her look fat; youre going to lie because you love that person. There are different reasons and justifications to lie; its human nature." - Author: Monica Raymund

Quotes About Woodwinds

"I play trumpet. And I took all the music courses in college, so I can also play the string instruments, keyboard, the brass and woodwinds - but only well enough to teach them. If you put a violin in front of me, you wouldnt say, My God, that guy can play. Itd probably sound more like Jack Benny." - Author: Jon Tester

Quotes About Too Much Ambition

"We who bore the mark might well be considered by the rest of the world as strange, even as insane and dangerous. We had awoken, or were awakening, and we were striving for an ever perfect state of wakefulness, whereas the ambition and quest for happiness of the others consisted of linking their opinions, ideals, and duties, their life and happiness, ever more closely with those of the herd. They, too, strove; they, too showed signs of strength and greatness. But as we saw it, whereas we marked men represented Natures determination to create something new, individual, and forward-looking, the others lived in the determination to stay the same. For them mankind--which they loved as much as we did--was a fully formed entity that had to be preserved and protected. For us mankind was a distant future toward which we were all journeying, whose aspect no one knew, whose laws werent written down anywhere." - Author: Hermann Hesse

Quotes About Despierto

"La razón por la que estuve con todas aquellas chicas era para intentar superarte. Despierto a tu lado cada día. Tú envías mi mente y cuerpo dentro de un frenesí. Puedo oler tu cabello cuando cierro mis ojos, o puedo imaginar cómo se siente tu mano cuando la pones sobre mi pecho. Me mata cada día estando así, tan cerca de ti, pero a la vez tan lejos." - Author: Kirsty Moseley

Quotes About Imparting Knowledge

"Imparting knowledge is only lighting other mens candles at our lamp without depriving ourselves of any flame." - Author: Jane Porter

Quotes About Foretold

"The unknown," said Faxes soft voice in the forest, "the unforetold, the unproven, that is what life is based on. Ignorance is the ground of thought. Unproof is the ground of action. If it were proven that there is no God there would be no religion. No Handdara, no Yomesh, no hearthgods, nothing. But also if it were proven that there is a God, there would be no religion. ... Tell me, Genry, what is known? What is sure, unpredictable, inevitable -- the one certain thing you know concerning your future, and mine?"That we shall die."Yes, Theres really only one question that can be answered, Genry, and we already know the answer. ... The only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next." - Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Quotes About Admire You

"On the Earth, you admire the Moon; on the Moon, you admire the Earth!" - Author: Mehmet Murat ildan

Quotes About Michael Moore

"Up in the Air is not a political movie. It wont be mistaken for either a Michael Moore or Any Rand polemic on capitalism." - Author: Frank Rich

Quotes About Penalized

"If the rest of them can survive only by destroying us, then why should we wish them to survive? . . . Nothing can make it moral to destroy the best. One cant be punished for being good. One cant be penalized for ability." - Author: Ayn Rand