[You're My Brother, I Miss You When You're Away, I Hate You When You Hurt Me, I Love You When You're Just Yourself, I'm Your Sister When You Do Stupid Things...]

Author: C.M. Quotes

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Artist Lisa May Quotes

"I love people who choose to surprise the sad ones, Just to make them smile!"

Tom Sharpe Quotes

"Do go on, he said. Theres nothing I enjoy more than listening to a highly trained intelligence leapfrogging common sense and coming to the wrong conclusions. It gives me renewed faith in parliamentary democracy."

Donald Riggio Quotes

"We may be finished with the past but the past is not finished with us."

William Ernest Henley Quotes

"In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud: Under the bludgeoning of chance my head is bloody, but unbowed."

Hermann Hesse Quotes

"How exhausting all this was. In fact, if only people knew how madly tiresome it is to be a criminal...!"

Elettra Rossellini Wiedemann Quotes

"Models are like athletes: You burn hard and fast."

Robin Leach Quotes

"I built the ideal house down in the Caribbean. All Englishmen dream of leaving the rain of England and getting a place in the sun - out in the grounds with separate guest houses; that is the ideal scenario."

Pinkeyriko Quotes

"Being beloved by everyone and, and do whatever you like, isnt really possible together at all."

Russell Kirk Quotes

"I did not love cold harmony and perfect regularity of organization; what I sought was variety, mystery, tradition, the venerable, the awful. I despised sophisters and calculators; I was groping for faith, honor, and prescriptive loyalties. I would have given any number of neo-classical pediments for one poor battered gargoyle."

Haresh Daswani Quotes

"Im not mean, I just give people a good reason to hate me"

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Quotes About Benefit Of The Doubt

"You get the benefit of the doubt because according to the Eternal Sun gossip committee, youre good as gold. They better be right, or Ill stick my boot up your ass so far itll set up residency in your throat." - Author: Elle Aycart

Quotes About Sundown

"You have no idea. I had them contained here for a while. Unfortunately, they escaped." – Sin‘That figured, and it was just like he feared. Suck City Limits was looming in the headlights. He should have known better than to take a detour from Normality. – Sundown" - Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

Quotes About Deceiver

"Whoever has trusted a woman has trusted deceivers." - Author: Hesiod

Quotes About Understanding The Mind

"Your emotional understanding about the preciousness of your human birth comes through conscious, repetitive mind training." - Author: Tsoknyi Rinpoche

Quotes About Feeling Underappreciated

"If there is no way to compel those who find a majority decision distasteful to go along with it, then the last thing one would want to do is to hold a vote: a public contest which someone will be seen to lose. Voting would be the most likely means to guarantee humiliations, resentments, hatreds, in the end, the destruction of communities. What is seen as an elaborate and difficult process of finding consensus is, in fact, a long process of making sure no one walks away feeling that their views have been totally ignored." - Author: David Graeber

Quotes About Considering

"He made a small movement of his head. "Do you love Pennhyll as well as you do the mountain upon which it sits?""I find it much like you."His mouth quirked, and then, curved in another smile. She stared, transfixed by the sight. "Unpleasant and forlorn?"She tipped her head to one side, considering him. She felt an odd sensation of understanding this harsh man who was, in fact, a stranger to her. "Not entirely unpleasant, that I will admit. Nor forlorn, either.""Do not tell me you find me amiable.""Certainly not. Like Pennhyll, you are strong and fierce." She felt, ridiculous as it was, that she knew him better than she knew herself. "To make a life here is to have courage and heart, and those you surely have." - Author: Carolyn Jewel

Quotes About Evison

"Whoever had decided that school should start so early in the morning and last all day long needed to be hunted down and forced to watch hours of educational televison without the aid of caffine." - Author: Heather Brewer

Quotes About Scions

"Many of the rioters were obviously bourgeois, the scions of privileged families, as have been the leaders of so many destructive movements in modern history. That same evening, I dined in an expensive restaurant and saw there a fellow diner whom I had observed a few hours before joyfully heaving a brick through a window. How much destruction did he think his country could bear before his own life might be affected, his own existence compromised?" - Author: Theodore Dalrymple

Quotes About Presentation Of Food

"Dana daydreamed of one day being able to set her agenda at B.Altman with the same courage and tenacity as the woman who was now driving the VW while speaking animatedly about her travel plans for the near future. She would be journeying to India in search of exotic merchandise for the stores Indian extravaganza, a lavish event planned by Ira Neimark and Dawn Mello to compete with Bloomingdales Retailing as Theater movement. The movement was the brainchild of Bloomingdales Marvin Traub, who staged elaborate presentations such as China: Heralding the Dawn of a New Era. Typical extravaganzas featured fashion, clothing, food, and art from various regions of the world."Ill bring back enough items to make Bloomingdales blush!" Nina said confidently. "And Im not just talking sweaters, hats, and walking sticks. Ill stop first in the Himalayas and prowl the Landour Bazaar."Lynn Steward ~ A Very Good Life" - Author: Lynn Steward

Quotes About Wedding Bliss

"When Renee and I talked about it years later, we agreed on one point: We were insane. Renee always said, "If any of our kids want to get married when theyre twenty-five, well have to lock them in the attic." We were just kids, and everybody who came to the wedding party was guilty of shameful if not criminal negligence-- look at the shiny pretty toaster, isnt it cute to see the babies playing with it in the bathtub? Jesus, people!" - Author: Rob Sheffield