[Youth Is Marked By A Breathtaking Novelty That Diminishes With Each Year Of Age - Until Life Becomes A Delusive Struggle To Break Routines, Escape The Ordinary, And Rediscover The Joy Of Discovery.]

Author: Zack Love Quotes

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Bhadra Quotes

"Dont struggle for salary.. DO struggle for Success.."

Wunny Azman Quotes

"i quit living and start dying.im sorry."

Walt Shiel Quotes

"Begin your writing, fiction or article, where the action begins. This action can be internal (e.g., an important insight or personal decision) or external (e.g., a murder or calamity). Begin too early, you lose your reader. Begin too late, you lose your story."

Hannibal Quotes

"I will find a way -- or make one."

Dave Barry Quotes

"I am not the only person who uses his computer mainly for the purpose of diddling with his computer."

L H Sigourney Quotes

"And say to mothers what a holy charge is theirs--with what a kingly power their love might rule the fountains of the new-born mind."

Ronald H Nash Quotes

"The common Christian practice compartmentalizing knowledge into sacred and secular is unbiblical and leads to the dangerous notion that secular knowledge is somehow less important, worldly, and hence unfit for the spiritual Christian."

Al Davis Quotes

"Why should I talk to you? I dont know where youre from."

Coleman Cox Quotes

"Now that its all over, what did you really do yesterday thats worth mentioning?"

Nessa Rapoport Quotes

"Undo it, take it back, make every day the previous one until I am returned to the day before the one that made you gone. Or set me on an airplane traveling west, crossing the date line again and again, losing this day, then that, until the day of loss still lies ahead, and you are here instead of sorrow."

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Quotes About Realization When Its Too Late

"I am much more my own man than I was when I was with the Stones." - Author: Bill Wyman

Quotes About Hitting A Brick Wall

"OShaughnessy is hitting Denholt on the side of his head with his free arm, great, walloping, pile-driver blows. The two of them stagger together, like partners in a crazy dance. Glass is breaking all around them. Gray smoke from the six shots, pink-and-white dust from the chipped brick-and-plaster walls, swirl around them in a rainbow haze. Something vividly green flares up from one of the overturned retorts, goes right out again. OShaughnessy tears the emptied gun away, flings it off somewhere. More breaking glass, and this time a tart pungent smell that makes the nostrils sting. The crunch of pulverized tube glass underfoot makes it sound as if they were scuffling in sand or hard-packed snow. ("Jane Browns Body")" - Author: Cornell Woolrich

Quotes About Rio

"I dont want this," Sirus uttered, his voice stripped bare."Me either." Grey sounded as if he were in agony.Swearing, they flew at each other in a furious kiss." - Author: Cameron Dane

Quotes About Inhaling

"He smelt of the sun, as if it had seeped deep into his skin, and I found myself inhaling silently, as if he were something delicious." - Author: Jojo Moyes

Quotes About Tapestry Of Life

"Peg came over with dinner tonight and told me about this dumb schmaltzy poem she heard someone read at an AA meeting.  It got me thinking.  It was about how while we are on earth, our limitations are such that we can only see the underside of the tapestry that God is weaving.  God sees the topside, the whole evolving portrait and its amazing beauty, and uses us as the pieces of thread to weave the picture.  We see the glorious colors and shadings, but we also see the knots and the threads hanging down, the think lumpy patches, the tangles.  But God and the people in heaven with him see how beautiful the portraits in the tapestry are.  The poem says in this flowery way that faith is about the willingness to be used by God wherever and however he most needs you, most needs the piece of thread that is your life.  You give him your life to put through his needle, to use as he sees fit." - Author: Anne Lamott

Quotes About Face

"Jasmine is logical in her thinking. One step leading to another. Analyzing probabilities and discarding them.""You look surprised. Didnt you know that I was smart?" She pretends to be angry.Even though I know she is teasing me, I feel my face get red-hot. How can I tell her that I knew but I didnt know -- like seeing the sunset every evening but not seeing it." - Author: Francisco X. Stork

Quotes About Jarra

"Pero en la tarde, cuando vió venir por el camino a unos señores vestidos de negro, fúnebres pajarracos con alas de papel arrolladas bajo el brazo, ya no dudó. Aquel era el enemigo. Iban a robarle." - Author: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez

Quotes About Having Fun With Your Girlfriend

"And I fear that my place gets taken by some other one, very lucky and not too shy, who flirts with your eyes while Im the one whos crazy about them." - Author: Nizar Qabbani

Quotes About Investment Banking

"Lets be honest: the trappings of investment banking are quite tempting. I do miss it sometimes. And to be honest, there was a time Id read the WSJ in the morning, and for years I have done that." - Author: Chetan Bhagat

Quotes About Black Self Love

"For Love, to which we may now return, has two faces; one white, the other black; two bodies; one smooth, the other hairy. It has two hands, two feet, two tails, two, indeed, of every member and each one is the exact opposite of the other. Yet, so strictly are they joined together that you cannot separate them. In this case, Orlandos love began her flight towards him with her white face turned, and her smooth and lovely body outwards. Nearer and nearer she came wafting before her airs of pure delight. All of a sudden (at the sight of the Archduchess presumably) she wheeled about, turned the other way round; showed herself black, hairy, brutish; and it was Lust the vulture, not Love, the Bird of Paradise that flopped, foully and disgustingly, upon his shoulders. Hence he ran; hence he fetched the footman." - Author: Virginia Woolf