[You've Got The Wrong Girl.""On The Contrary..." The Voice Murmured, "I've Got Exactly The Girl I Want." Her Body Turned To Ice. Her Mind Fought For Calm. There Were People Only Yards Away, Yet She Was Alone... "You're Bleeding." Lips Closed Over Hers. A Kiss So Passionate That Time Faded And Stopped... So Passionate, It Sucked Her Breath Away... Searing Heat Swept Through Her- Pain And Pleasure Throbbing Through Her Veins. With A Helpless Moan, She Leaned Into Him And Realized With A Shock The Kiss Had Ended.]

Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick Quotes

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"For EARTH which is an intelligence hath a voice and a propensity to speak in all her parts."

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"If we are going to start calling industrial corn sustainable, then we might as well say that petroleum is a renewable resource if youre willing to wait long enough."

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"I always love that we part from a staff officer."

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"And so we use them for a kind of pleasure which can be called "fun." But it is not the creative kind of fun often connected with play; it is, rather, a shallow, distracting, greedy way of "having fun." And it is not by chance that it is that type of fun which can easily be commercialized, for it is dependent on calculable reactions, without passion, without risk, without love. Of all the dangers that threaten our civilization, this is one of the most dangerous ones: the escape from ones emptiness through a "fun" which makes joy impossible."

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"Youre much better off to buy fresh fish from a market as opposed to buying something thats been frozen and processed and covered in breadcrumbs."

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"Ugh! She cursed her lack of attention to the [mythology] reading. Who could have known that would be the important class?"

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"Romney spent the next twenty-four hours with McCain, traipsing with him from Manchester to Peterborough to Salem, agog at his inability to complete three sentences without dropping an f-bomb. (Romney employed prim substitutes for profanities: "blooming" for "fucking," "grunt" for "shit.")"

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"He [Jesus] fought and conquered. On the one hand, he was man who struggled for his fathers and through his obedience cancelled their disobedience. On the other hand, he bound the strong one and freed the weak and bestowed salvation on his handiwork by abolishing sin. For he is our compassionate and merciful Lord who loves mankind ... Had not man conquered mans adversary, the enemy would not have been conquered justly. Again, had it not been God who bestowed salvation we would not possess it securely."

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"Remember the great film with Bette Davis, All About Eve? Theres a scene after the scheming Eve steals Margos role through trickery & then gets this magnificent review. Margo of course is effing & blinding all over the place. And crying. Her director rushes into her house, puts his arms around her & says, "I ran all the way". Thats what I want."

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"Code is not like other how-computers-work books. It doesnt have big color illustrations of disk drives with arrows showing how the data sweeps into the computer. Code has no drawings of trains carrying a cargo of zeros and ones. Metaphors and similes are wonderful literary devices but they do nothing but obscure the beauty of technology."

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"In the 70s and 80s, the mentality of America was that everything was disposable. The notion of quality wasnt important." - Author: Les Wexner

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"Do you remember Zhitomir, Vasily? Do you remember the Teterev, Vasily, and that evening when the Sabbath, the young Sabbath tripped stealthily along the sunset, her little red heel treading on the stars?THe slender horn of the moon bathed its arrows in the black waters of the Teterev. Funny little Gedali, founder of the Fourth International, was taking us to Rabbi Motele Bratzlavskys for evening service. Funny little Gedali swayed the cocks feathers on his high hat in the red haze of the evening. The candes in the Rabbis room blinked their predatory eyes. Bent over prayer books, brawny Jews were moaning in muffled voices, and the old buffoon of the zaddiks of Chernobyl jingled coppers in his torn pocket......Do you remember that night, Vasily? Beyond the windows horses were neighing and Cossacks were shouting. The wilderness of war was yawning beyong the windows, and Robbi Motele Bratzslavsky was praying at the eastern wall, his decayed fingers clinging to his tales. (...)" - Author: Isaac Babel

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"I got through my childhood in a delirium of literary exaltations." - Author: Susan Sontag

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"life is a dance with the cosmos." - Author: Goldie Hawn

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"Whats with the serum?"I dont know, but it sounds ominous. We better put a telepathic direction finder on Benway. The mans not to be trusted. Might do almost anything...Turn a massacre into a sex orgy..."Or a joke."Precisely. Arty type...No principles..." - Author: William S. Burroughs

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"Tom prilikom Kafka mi reče: "Vi opisujete pesnika kao nekog čudesno velikog čoveka čije noge su na zemlji dok mu glava nestaje u oblacima. To je, prirodno, sasvim uobičajena slika u okviru malograđanskih konvencionalnih predstava. To je iluzija, proizišla iz skrivenih želja, a koja nema ničeg zajedničkog sa stvarnošću. U stvarnosti je pesnik uvek manji i slabiji od društvenog proseka. Otuda on oseća teret zemaljskog postojanja intenzivnije i jače nego drugi ljudi. Njegova pesma je za njega samo krik. Umetnost je za umetnika patnja putem koje on sebe oslobađa za novu patnju. On nije nikakav div, nego je tek više ili manje živopisna ptica u kavezu svoje egzistencije." - Author: Gustav Janouch

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"And then, I was thinking of doing a record just like starting with voice, because I did this one song that was just kind of a cappella, and I did it for this art piece I did where people could come and play music to go with a voice." - Author: Kim Gordon

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"For a long time before I met you, I felt my life was this kind of test. I was in deep, cold water, swimming for shore, and my arms were getting tired,my skin numb. On the shore was everything I thought I wanted: a better job, a house, a family."He swallowed, his throat cording with tension. "But I could barely keep my head above water. Eventually I stopped seeing the shore. Only cold dark blue, in all directions. I know its cliché, but when I met you, my eyes opened. I looked around, and realized I could stand up whenever I wanted. There was firm ground under my feet." - Author: Leah Raeder

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"I call these lessons ‘learned on the fly because the knowledge gained from the experiences connected with them were very much akin to the spirit of the centerfielder in baseball running backward at full speed, looking towards the heavens, trying to not lose sight of the ball or fail to notice the sensation of gravel from the warning track under his cleats as he knowingly approaches the blindside impact of an outfield wall. His focused intention guides him into trying to make the catch that will save the game for his team, his city and the harmony of the moment, despite the foreboding threat of a pending collision. Decisions in these situations are made in an instant. One weighs the purpose of the game, the success of the catch and ones own safety of survival in a fleeting moment, and in all hopes one lives to tell about it in the glow of great success." - Author: Michael Delaware