[You've Run A Lot Of Risks, And Gone To A Lot Of Work, And All To Turn Me Into A Bullet For Your Gun. But I'm A Bullet That Thinks For Itself, And I Want To Know What I'm Being Shot At.]

Author: Emma Bull Quotes

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Hiromi Goto Quotes

"A child isnt born bitter. I point no fingers as to who tainted the clean, pure pool of my childhood. Lets just say that when I realized that I didnt want to grow up, the damage was already done. Knowing that being grown up was no swell place to be means that you are grown up enough to notice. And you cant go back from there. You have to forge another route, draw your own map."

Vladimir Kramnik Quotes

"Only he, who penetrates into the depth of the game, can express his personality in it."

Laura Buzo Quotes

"Finishing Year Twelve had been a blessed relief. Although, having read Looking for Alibrandi several times since Year Eight, I was disappointed when Year Twelve did not bring me a handsome, salt-of-the-earth boyfriend and ultimate emancipation from all that ailed my teenage soul."

Margaret Sanger Quotes

"The mother memories that are closest to my heart are the small gentle ones that I have carried over from the days of my childhood. They are not profound, but they have stayed with me through life, and when I am very old, they will still be near . . . Memories of mother drying my tears, reading aloud, cutting cookies and singing as she did, listening to prayers I said as I knelt with my forehead pressed against her knee, tucking me in bed and turning down the light. They have carried me through the years and given my life such a firm foundation that it does not rock beneath flood or tempest."

Stephen Graff Quotes

"Minutes are sometimes like eternities if they are let go."

Dennis Cogswell Quotes

"Much of human communication is a monologue delivered to anyone who will listen. A real dialogue allows many to express and has the chance of leading to more discovery.•"

Alfred Zappala Quotes

"Sicily is paradise. I live in paradise. Now pass the pasta please."

Antonio Santa Ana Quotes

"Como si fuera más digno morirse de leucemia que de SIDA. Como si fuera indigno ser sidoso. Como si en la muerte hubiera alguna dignidad"

Bon Scott Quotes

"Im a special drunkard... I drink too much."

Moffat Machingura Quotes

"Every success story has a secret,Even if its a love story."

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Quotes About Banking Crisis

"We think it would be safer if the Bank of England had responsibility for solvency regulation of UK-based banks, as well as having an overall duty to keep the system solvent. Otherwise, there could be dangerous delays if a banking crisis did hit." - Author: John Redwood

Quotes About Disturbed

"We aint alone in this universe.We just dont wanna be disturbed." - Author: Toba Beta

Quotes About Gallon

"In addition to contributing to erosion, pollution, food poisoning, and the dead zone, corn requires huge amounts of fossil fuel - it takes a half gallon of fossil fuel to produce a bushel of corn." - Author: Michael Pollan

Quotes About Dead Fathers

"Names came patterning into the dusk, bodying out the places of their forebears, the villages and towns where the telegrams would be delivered, the houses where the blinds would be drawn, where low moans would come in the afternoon behind closed doors; and the places that had borne them, which would be like nunneries, like dead towns without their life or purpose, without young men at the factories or in the fields, with no husbands for the women, no deep sound of voices in the inns, with the children who would have been born, who would have grown and worked or painted, even governed, left ungenerated in their fathers shattered flesh that lay in stinking shellholes in the beet crop soil, leaving their homes to put up only granite slabs in place of living flesh, on whose inhuman surface the moss and lichen would cast their crawling green indifference." - Author: Sebastian Faulks

Quotes About Gigo

"The bigtime for you is just around the corner. They told me that first in 1952 - boy, its been a long corner. If I dont hit the bigtime in the next 25 or 30 years, Im gonna pack in the music business and become a full-time gigolo." - Author: Ronnie Hawkins

Quotes About Army Wives

"Army wives experience hell from the inside out; a wound youll never see, a scar that never heals." - Author: L.M. Fields

Quotes About Nurse

"An author is similar to an actor. They play many characters in their lives—photographer, nurse, dancer, doctor, writer, etc. As an author, you have to learn your craft, know each and every element to become that character youre writing about to be able to live and breathe what they do." - Author: Mischa Temaul

Quotes About Vaqueros

"La vuelta del trabajo animaba el patio de los caneyes. Al atardecer llegaban los vaqueros en grupos bulliciosos, empezaban a decirse algo entre s" - Author: R

Quotes About Feet And Love

"For our own part, we learned a great deal about the techniques of love, and because we didnt know the words to denote what we saw, we had to make up our own. That was why we spoke of "yodeling in the canyon" and "tying the tube", of "groaning in the pit", "slipping the turtles head", and "chewing the stinkweed". Years later, when we lost our own virginities, we resorted in our panic to pantomiming Luxs gyrations on the roof so long ago; and even now, if we were to be honest with ourselves, we would have to admit that it is always that pale wraith we make love to, always her feet snagged in the gutter, always her single blooming hand steadying itself against the chimney, no matter what our present lovers feet and hands are doing." - Author: Jeffrey Eugenides

Quotes About Alberta Oil Sands

"Oil kindles extraordinary emotions and hopes, since oil is above all a great temptation. It is the temptation of ease, wealth, strength, fortune, power. It is a filthy, foul-smelling liquid that squirts obligingly up into the air and falls back to earth as a rustling shower of money." - Author: Ryszard Kapuściński