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"Geek cred points for trying to stump me, but sorry, you'll have to do better than that. Would you like to try anime for a hundred?" When she looked blank, he sighed. "What took it down, anime, or the Jeopardy reference?" ~ Rachel Caine
"I knew we'd wear them down. Eve said."After all" we really are amazinglycool.And now it was eves turn for a high five with shane.For a bunch of misfit geeks,slackers, and losers.which one are you? Shane asked she flipped him off. oh right loser thanks for reminding me." ~ Rachel Caine
"He smiled, and it made his dimples come out. "I think I'm more Batman," he said. "You know, what with all the bats and nighttime activities. And Batman is much cooler." "Geek." His smile widened. "You say the nicest things. Haven't you heard? Geeks run the world now." -BLACK DAWN" ~ Rachel Caine
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