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"I tugged at the hem of my brand-new Hecate Hall-issue blue plaid skirt(Kilt? Some sort of bizarre skirt/kilt hybrid? A skilt?) and wondered why a school in the middle of the Deep South would have wool uniforms." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"We were sitting so close that our hips touched. He smelled nice, like freshly cut grass and sunshine. I wondered if he'd been outside already this morning, or if that's just the way Cal always smelled." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"All right then, Daisy and I will have our usual."I wondered what that might be. Evil Juice? Some kind of demonic energy drink?" ~ Rachel Hawkins
"The four of us sat around the pentagram holding hands. I wondered if we were about to sing "Kumbaya." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"Izzy was sitting cross-legged on the couch, a paper-back book in her hands. She didn't look up when we came in, and I wondered what she was reading that had her so absorbed. Monster Killing for Beginners, probably." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"Then, like I wasn't thrown enough, Cal leaned down and picked up a potted African violet on the low table next to the sofa and brought it over to me. For a second, I wondered if this was his socially awkward way of trying to give me flowers." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"Awesome," I murmured, sliding my sunglasses on top of my head. Thanks to the humidity, my hair felt like it had tripled in size. I could feel it trying to devour my sunglasses like some sort of carnivorous jungle plant. "I always wondered what it would be like to live in somebody's mouth." ~ Rachel Hawkins
"I wondered what Finley would say if she were here. Probably something like, 'Stab him with silver and see if it kills him." ~ Rachel Hawkins
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