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"you are living with the person-talking, sharing , also love and care for each other trust build there by itself. if one is absent from these activities ,then doubt comes in relationship ." ~ Ratnammunshi
"expression sometimes give a unknown look.it is a word what is talk itself .this one such a way he /or she can feel what each one is going to say.that day he was on very little away distance - behind me i was getting his expression ! without knowing he felt strong attraction towards some unknown-.now he start to express ! one secured standing close by. find out her through net media , then there was also anger .express was just voice and through fast action . unknowingly he expressed his love to me every day. not even a word but with a silence he came too close to my heart . it is a lovely expression of a person who does not know how to say ''you are mine-okey?" ~ Ratnammunshi
"it is a slippery road - at time of walk we need to hold ourselves very hard .no one can teach us the style to walk without any mishap.self respect is like that-walk on slippery road ,only this quality help us to stand in a dignify mood while a trouble knock on the door." ~ Ratnammunshi
"friendship is midnight call when in trouble .expect the same ,criticize many ,there is hidden fondness to each other.pain happiness sharing dairy ." ~ Ratnammunshi
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