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"expression sometimes give a unknown look.it is a word what is talk itself .this one such a way he /or she can feel what each one is going to say.that day he was on very little away distance - behind me i was getting his expression ! without knowing he felt strong attraction towards some unknown-.now he start to express ! one secured standing close by. find out her through net media , then there was also anger .express was just voice and through fast action . unknowingly he expressed his love to me every day. not even a word but with a silence he came too close to my heart . it is a lovely expression of a person who does not know how to say ''you are mine-okey?" ~ Ratnammunshi
"it is a slippery road - at time of walk we need to hold ourselves very hard .no one can teach us the style to walk without any mishap.self respect is like that-walk on slippery road ,only this quality help us to stand in a dignify mood while a trouble knock on the door." ~ Ratnammunshi
"yourself is true inner mirror reflection of you.when you were busy to watch out others to get their ''themselves''you missed to meet your inner self .when you find you standing alone ,this true self qualities full of experiences comes down to you to take you further in life. ahead .that" ~ Ratnammunshi
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