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Rene Denfeld Quotes
Rene Denfeld Quotes

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Of all the minerals the most vital in dietary terms is sodium, which we mostly consume in the form of sodium chloride – table salt.* Here the problem is not that we are getting too little, but possibly way too much. We don't need all that much – 200 milligrams a day, about what you would get with six or eight vigorous shakes of a salt cellar – but we take in about sixty times that amount on average. In a normal diet it is almost impossible not to because there is so much salt in the processed foods we eat with such ravenous devotion. Often it is heaped into foods that don't seem salty at all – breakfast cereals, prepared soups and ice creams, for instance. Who would guess that an ounce of cornflakes contains more salt than an ounce of salted peanuts?"
Author: Bill Bryson

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