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"I have it on good authority that Victor's going to have car trouble. Also that Robert really likes Cheerios, so if you want some, you're out of luck. He doesn't seem like the sharing type." ~ Richelle Mead
"Tawny," I barked. My voice held the authority of a drill sergeant. She jumped. "I am NOT making out with you until the end of time. You want to do this, then you've got to work for it. Now, TAKE OFF YOUR CLOTHES." "Oh," said Hugh. "I've waited ten years to hear you say that to another woman." ~ Richelle Mead
"Well, " she replied dryly, "there's no getting around that. And it's not me being nice. It's not even my choice. It's an order from my superiors. " "It still sounds like a pain in the ass for you. Why don't you just tell me where it is and blow them off? " "You obviously don't know the people I work for. " "Don't need to. I ignore authority all the time. It's not hard once you get used to it." ~ Richelle Mead
"Ah, well," said Abe, idly studying his fingertips. "I have it on good authority there's going to be a new ‘gate' opening up soon over on the south side of the wall."The truth dawned on me. "Oh lord. You're the one who's been doling out C4.""You make it sound so easy," he said with a frown. "That stuff's hard to get a hold of." ~ Richelle Mead
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