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"Civilizations rise and fall on confidence. America had figured out a way to borrow money to manufacture it." ~ Ron Suskind
"These were lobbyists—many of them compensated quite handsomely not to react as human beings." ~ Ron Suskind
"Message matters. Message matters almost as much as actions." ~ Ron Suskind
"The fact is, I can vote for anybody; independents, Republicans, Democrats. But I'm a registered Democrat in the District of Columbia." ~ Ron Suskind
"The fact is, most journalists I know are not particularly political. They move around a lot." ~ Ron Suskind
"The media has become more forceful, has begun to recognize its traditional historic role and act on it, and truth is infectious." ~ Ron Suskind
"I absolutely reject that idea that the press is liberal and what it does is liberal. In my view, it's like accusing a doctor of malpractice or a lawyer of malfeasance." ~ Ron Suskind
"The fact is that in a way, journalists become a kind of default in the system when you don't have substantive two-party back-and-forth inside of the government." ~ Ron Suskind
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