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Ronald A. Heifetz Quotes
Ronald A. Heifetz Quotes
Ronald A. Heifetz Quotes

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Stevie: "If you think he's a lecher and all men are disgusting, why do you want me to date?"Zena: "Because, Stevie. Now and then, when the moon is full and bluish, when the galaxy is all calm and peaceful and serenity rules and even the falling stars are falling gracefully, and the wind creates a beautiful song, that's when you find one outstanding man. Kind. Loyal. Funny and smart, great in bed but not kinky. A lover in his head and in his body. A man who doesn't think as a dick-obsessed monkey with a brain the size of a testicle, but one who is thoughtful and can hold his emotions in one hand and hug you close with the other. A man who is a hunky, manly man but who can talk to you like your best girlfriend, because that's what he wants to be for you. Your best friend."(Page 44)"
Author: Cathy Lamb

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