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Ruben Papian Quotes
Ruben Papian Quotes
Ruben Papian Quotes

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Lucien bent and searched through the scraps of paper at Loki's stone feet for the blood-kissed prayer Dante had placed among them. Finding it, he plucked it from the pile and straightened.The fading essence of creawdwr blood magic tingled against his fingers. Unfolding the liquor store receipt, he read the words scrawled in Dante's lefty slant: Watch over her, ma mère. S'il te plaît, keep her safe. Even from me.Lucien reread the prayer until the words blurred. He closed his fingers around the receipt, the paper crinkling against his palm. He had no doubt who she was — Special Agent Heather Wallace.Wounded, his child, yes. Damaged, yes. But Dante's heart was whole and in love, it seemed, with a mortal. Perhaps Heather Wallace could bind Dante and help keep his sanity from unraveling.Insanity. The fate of an unbound creawdwr."
Author: Adrian Phoenix

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