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"The extent of one man's guilt may be defined by how much of it is experienced by the party he injured." ~ Ryszard Kapuscinski
"Readership was high, and very attentive. It was people's only source of knowledge about the world." ~ Ryszard Kapuscinski
"We are here among people who don't contemplate transience and the existence of the soul, the meaning of life and the nature of being. We are in a world in which man, crawling on the earth, tries to dig a few grains of wheat out of the mud just to survive another day." ~ Ryszard Kapuściński
"Incluso la peor de las situaciones, si en tal nos hallamos, se descompone en elementos simples entre los cuales habrá algunos a los que asirse, como las ramas de un arbusto que creciese en la costa, para oponer resistencia a los remolinos que nos tiran hacia el fondo. Esa grieta, ese islote y esa rama nos mantienen en la superficie de la existencia." ~ Ryszard Kapuściński
"Kas me kunagi mõtleme sellele, et maailma rikus on mäletamatutest aegadest olnud prjade loodud? Alates Mesopotaamia niisutussüsteemidest, Hiina müürist, Egiptuse püramiididest, Ateena akropolist kuni Kuuba suhkrurooistandusteni, Louisiana ja Arkansase puuvillaistandusteni, kuni Kolõma söekaevadnusteni ja saksa automagistraalideni välja. Aga sõjad? Sõdu on igivanast ajast peetud selleks, et orje saada" ~ Ryszard Kapuściński
"Here is an oral tradition, legends passed from mouth to mouth, a communal myth created invariably at the base of the mango tree in the evening's profound darkness, in which only the trembling voices of old men resound, because the women and children are silent, raptly listening. That is what the evening hour is so important: it is the time when the community contemplates what it is and whence it came." ~ Ryszard Kapuściński
"Because it was enough for one of those favorites of His Distinguished Highness to issue a thoughtless decree. These young smart alecks see it, and they immediately imagine some fatal result and come running to the rescue. They start trying to mend things, straighten things out, patch things up and untangle them. And so instead of using their energy to build their own vision of the future, instead of trying to put their irresponsible, destructive fantasies into action, our malcontents had to roll up their sleeves and start untangling what the minsters had knotted up. And there's always a lot of work to untangling! So they untangle and untangle, drenched in sweat, wearing their nerves to shreds, running around, patching things up here and there, and in all this rush and overwork, in this whirlwind, their fantasies slowly evaporate from their hot heads." ~ Ryszard Kapuściński
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