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"I shall state silences more competently than ever a better man spangled the butterflies of vertigo." ~ Samuel Beckett
"Once a certain degree of insight has been reached," said Wylie, "all men talk, when talk they must, the same tripe." ~ Samuel Beckett
"So that I would have hesitated to exclaim, with my finger up my arse-hole for example, Jesus Christ, it's much worse than yesterday, I can hardly believe it is the same hole." ~ Samuel Beckett
"CLOV:Do you believe in the life to come?HAMM:Mine was always that." ~ Samuel Beckett
"And when reproached with this Sam with ready wit replied that paralysed as he was, from the waist up, and from the knees down, he had no purpose, interest or joy in life other than this, to set out after a good dinner of meat and vegetables in his wheel-chair and stay out committing adultery until it was time to go home to his supper, after which he was at his wife's disposal." ~ Samuel Beckett
"that childhood said to have been mine the difficulty of believing in it the feeling rather of having been born octogenarian at the age when one dies in the dark" ~ Samuel Beckett
"Das verliert allmählich jeden Sinn' - 'Noch nicht genug" ~ Samuel Beckett
"Je suis comme ça. Ou j'oublie tout de suite ou je n'oublie jamais" ~ Samuel Beckett
"But it is useless to dwell on this period of my life. If I go on long enough calling that my life I'll end up by believing it." ~ Samuel Beckett
"Poor Willie - running out - ah well - can't be helped - just one of those old things - another of those old things - just can't be cured - cannot be cured - ah yes - poor dear Willie - good Lord! - good God! - ah well - no worse - no better, no worse - no change - no pain - hardly any - great thing that - nothing like it - pure ... what? - what? - ah yes - poor Willie - no zest - for anything - no interest - in life - poor dear Willie - sleep for ever - marvellous gift - in my opinion - always said so - wish I had it" ~ Samuel Beckett
"I have changed refuge so often, in the course of my rout, that now I can't tell between dens and ruins. But there was never any city but the one. It is true you often move along in a dream, houses and factories darken the air, trams go by and under your feet wet from the grass there are suddenly cobbles. I only know the city of my childhood, I must have seen the other, but unbelieving. All I say cancels out, I'll have said nothing." ~ Samuel Beckett
"Gimdyti apsižergus kapa ir kanciose gimti. Duobeje duobkasys svajingai tvarkosi irankius. Lieka laiko susenti. Ore skamba musu riksmai." ~ Samuel Beckett
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