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Sidney Poitier Quotes
Sidney Poitier Quotes
Sidney Poitier Quotes

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I'm in the tree with Granddad Harry. We're twins. We're both missing the same arm, have sores on the same feet; we stroke our beards the same way. "Have you thought about my question?" he asks. "Which one?""The one about why you come here. The time I asked you if you really thought you could take me back with you?"I nod."You know you can't, right?" he says."Look. I have a reason for being here. I was sent. It's important," I say. He strokes his beard. I stroke my beard. We're like mirror mimes. Except my faces is still covered in banana stickers. Except he's really him and I'm not really anyone. "You're not coming here," he says. "You're escaping there. Big difference."
Author: A.S. King Everybody Sees The Ants

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