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"I have three children, each of whom is having an idyllic childhood, probably because I have been at the office the entire time." ~ Stacy Schiff
"Certainly, I am writing as a 21st-century woman, so I am much more inclined to view her as a three-dimensional woman. I think we keep coming up with this stubborn problem of a woman being judged by her appearance rather than her accomplishments. We are much more inclined to ask: was Cleopatra beautiful?" ~ Stacy Schiff
"The vanity extended most of all to his library, arguably the real love of Cicero's life. It is difficult to name anything in which he took more pleasure, aside possibly evasion of the sumptuary laws. Cicero liked to believe himself wealthy. He prided himself on his books. He needed no further reason to dislike Cleopatra: intelligent women who had better libraries than he did offended him on three counts." ~ Stacy Schiff
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Jeune , je demandais aux êtres plus qu'ils ne pouvaient donner : une amitié continuelle , une émotion permanente. Je sais leur demander maintenant moins qu'ils peuvent donner : une compagnie sans phrases . Et leurs émotions , leur amitié , leurs gestes nobles gardent à mes yeux leur valeur entière de miracle : un entier effet de la grâce ."
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