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"Agnostics are just atheists without balls." ~ Stephen Colbert
"Luckily, a recent survey published in the American Sociological Review revealed that atheists are the least trusted group in America—less trusted, even, than homosexuals. It makes sense at least we trust the homosexuals with our hair." ~ Stephen Colbert
"But here's the biggest head-scratcher of all: Not only are atheists destroying our country, they're completely deluding themselves. There's simply no way to prove that there is no God. If I didn't hate them so much, I'd feel bad for these folks. Imagine going through life completely duped into thinking that there's no invisible, omniscient higher power guiding every action on Earth. It's just so arbitrary! Can't they see?" ~ Stephen Colbert
"Isn't an agnostic just an atheist without balls?" ~ Stephen Colbert
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