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"What I am trying to get across to you; is please take of yourselves and those that you love; because that is what we are hear for, that's all we got, and that is all we can take with us. Are you with me?" ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan
"I was taught to think the next week or month or year will only get better than it is today. So I just keep waiting to see how great it will get!" ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan
"The way I play, I go through a set in a year. So I put '58 Gibson Jumbo Bass frets on all my necks." ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan
"Ya know, right now the most important thing in my life is to make sure you understand that, first of all I thank God I'm alive today, and I mean that. I spent too many years of my life thinking that the big party was the whole thing." ~ Stevie Ray Vaughan
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