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"Anisette! You will eat your food, not demonstrate aerial warfare across the table with it." ~ T.A. Miles
"He was pale as only one state on Bhast dictated—not lacking color necessarily or vitality, certainly. Fey white was more comparable to a pearl; the color subtle and the luster soft, but still vibrant. In spite of the tragedy that could come with it, it was not a dying state. It was a state of living…sometimes much more brilliantly than people could cope with, including the Fey individuals themselves." ~ T.A. Miles
"Should one continue to follow the faith of a group that's cast him out? Shouldn't it stand to reason that if he was true to that faith that the group should have been true to him? Is it unreasonable to ask forgiveness of one who is all-forgiving?" ~ T.A. Miles
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Tyler's lips curved in a smile and Haris understood he couldn't keep a guy like him. Tyler was wild and beautiful, and he'd get bored and want to leave, unless Haris made him an offer he couldn't refuse."
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