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"Does he think it's so easy? One smile, one touch and all is forgiven -Dr Maura Isles" ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Evil doesn't die. It never dies. It just takes on a new face, a new name. Just because we've been touched by it once, it doesn't mean we're immune to ever being hurt again. Lightning can strike twice." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Death does not discriminate; whether saints or sinners, in the end, all are equal." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Society thinks of violent acts as manifestations of evil or immorality. We're told we have ultimate control over our own behavior, that each and every one of us has the free will to choose not to hurt another human being. But it's not just morality that guides us. Biology does as well. Our frontal lobs helps us integrate thoughts and actions. They help us weight the consequences of those actions. Without such control, we'd give in to every wild impulse." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"The heart makes its choices without weighing the consequences. It doesn't look ahead to the lonely nights that follow." ~ Tess Gerritsen
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People have a preconceived notion about who I am and it's interesting. It's like picking who you want to win for the Oscars and not seeing the movie. Before you make a statement about someone, get all the information and see everything before you make a judgment."
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