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"She siged, a sound of regret for childhood transgressions, for all the lessons learned too late." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Had she always been so insulated from human contact, like a bloom encased in frost?" ~ Tess Gerritsen
"She had never paid much attention to the heart beating in her own chest. As she watched the pattern traced by Korsak's, she became aware of her own pulse. She had always taken her heartbeat for granted, and she wondered what it would be like, to hang on every beat, fearful that the next might not come. That the throb of life in her chest would suddenly go still." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Even divorce, she thought, cannot erase all the bonds forged by years of marriage. Long after the papers are signed, decrees notarized, the ties still remain. And the most powerful tie of all is written in a child's flesh and blood." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"She now knew her death was inevitable, and with that acceptance came liberation. The courage of the condemned." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"What Rizzoli thought, staring at her own image, was that she hated Elizabeth Hurley for giving women false hope. The brutal truth was, there are some women who will never be beautiful, and Rizzoli was one of them." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"She was the only woman in the homicide unit, and already there had been problems between her and another detective, charges of sexual harassment, countercharges of unrelenting bitchiness." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"She pressed her fingers to the woman's neck and felt icy skin.Bending close to the lips, she waited for the whisper of a breath, the faintest puff of air against her cheek.The corpse opened its eyes." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"Now we sit and wait," the woman said, and she settled into a chair, the gun on her lap."What are we waiting for?" Jane asked.The woman stared at her. Said, calmly: "The end." ~ Tess Gerritsen
"And like a drowning woman who chooses the black sea instead of rescue, she did not take it." ~ Tess Gerritsen
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