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Tony DiTerlizzi Quotes
Tony DiTerlizzi Quotes
Tony DiTerlizzi Quotes

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Not much had changed at Magnus's since the first time Jace had been there. Jace used an open rune to get through the front door and took the stairs, buzzing Magnus's apartment bell. It was safer that way because Magnus could be playing video games naked or really anything. Magnus yanked the door open, looking furious. He was wearing a black silk dressing gown, his feet were bare, his dark hair was tangled, "What are you doing here?""My," said Jace, "You're so unwelcoming.""That's because you're not welcome.""I thought we were friends," said Jace."No, you're Alec's friend, Alec was my boyfriend so I had to put up with you. But now he's not my boyfriend so I don't have to put up with you.""I think you should get back together with Alec," said Jace.Magnus looked at him, "And why is that?"
Author: Cassandra Clare

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