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"Like time-management, change-management, doesn't really exist antmore... . Today's most valuable mindset must include the SWIFTA framework the be a change-driver." ~ Tony Dovale
"We now live in a time when PEOPLE and profits must become equally valuable in the corporate leaders Mindset.Rethink your Leadership Culture to become a conscious, high performance organisation" ~ Tony Dovale
"Teamwork and trust trump ego and arrogance in building high performance sustainable successful teams. Rethink your team building ideas" ~ Tony Dovale
"People who have wellbeing and feel fulfilled, need far less than people who feel unfulfilled, who always seem to need more." By Rethinking Your Mindset you can create SWIFT sustainable success." ~ Tony Dovale
"Mindset & context are the 2 main ingredients entrepreneurs and leaders must use for creating sustainable real success" ~ Tony Dovale
"Most success oriented mindsets miss out on people becoming more valuable." ~ Tony Dovale
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