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"The political Greeders mindset wastes resources that could transform the future of tens of millions of people and the destinies of the countries.We need to rethink Leadership and politics." ~ Tony Dovale
"Until Africa changes it's Mindset - It will forever be a "basket case" looking for international support, funding and charity.We need to Rethink Innovation" ~ Tony Dovale
"Greeders who plunder and steal from their people - not only steal their supporters and their childrens' future, but they also smash their mindsets and create learned helplessness that ensures people stay small." ~ Tony Dovale
"Rethink Your Mindset because...The view your brain builds and automatically adopts...of yourself, profoundly affects the way you think, feel and act-moment to moment, and the results you create." ~ Tony Dovale
"It's ONLY with a NEW MINDSET and a SWIFT Action that you can span the gap between WHO and WHERE you are, and WHO and WHERE/WHAT you want to BE, DO and HAVE" ~ Tony Dovale
"With the right MINDSET, you can Survive, Thrive & Grow... Even in the Midst of turbulence and change" ~ Tony Dovale
"21st Century Managers must change their thinking because they are now in the business of managing Mindsets & thinking, which impacts actions and behaviors." ~ Tony Dovale
"Like time-management, change-management, doesn't really exist antmore... . Today's most valuable mindset must include the SWIFTA framework the be a change-driver." ~ Tony Dovale
"Strategy has no value if your culture and leadership mindset are wrong" ~ Tony Dovale
"If you are not successful yet, the mindset that got you to where you are today, Cannot get you to where you dream to be tomorrow!You need to Rethink Your Mindset to Ensure Success." ~ Tony Dovale
"Your Results will only change when you change your mindset, thinking and actions." ~ Tony Dovale
"A millionaires' mindset focus moves from posessions to feelings, once they become conscious and awake." ~ Tony Dovale
"ReThink Training: The best process of learning is on the job, just-in-time, "nibble-knowledge" to incrementally transform mindsets and skillsets irrevocably." ~ Tony Dovale
"Much of your thinking, focus, and reactions, comes from your mindset. Your "mindset" is the image and identity you hold, of your qualities and characteristics and whether you can intentionally ReThink and change your mindset." ~ Tony Dovale
"Even the best Mindset will become contaminated and eventually blunted in a toxic organisational culture." ~ Tony Dovale
"Performance depends upon our actions an behaviors, which are activated by emotions, which are created when our MINDSET meets reality... Mindsets Matter Most" ~ Tony Dovale
"REAL Leaders are experts at bringing out the best in others... Thinking , feelings and actions. They improve their teams' thinking skills and Mindsets." ~ Tony Dovale
"1 Minute Wisdom: Rethink Your Mindset because how you view, filter, interpret and automatically give meaning your experiences; is what you'll believe them to be." ~ Tony Dovale
"Your mindset controls every result in your life... Mindset matters most if you are above the ground and breathing" ~ Tony Dovale
"Rethink Success: Most people will never achieve past their existing levels, because they don't understand the importance of changing their Mindset" ~ Tony Dovale
"We now live in a time when PEOPLE and profits must become equally valuable in the corporate leaders Mindset.Rethink your Leadership Culture to become a conscious, high performance organisation" ~ Tony Dovale
"Teams Triumph When Today's Tribe Leaders Transform Their Mindset." ~ Tony Dovale
"People who have wellbeing and feel fulfilled, need far less than people who feel unfulfilled, who always seem to need more." By Rethinking Your Mindset you can create SWIFT sustainable success." ~ Tony Dovale
"To create extraordinary results, you must first have or ReThink an extraordinary Mindset to start." ~ Tony Dovale
"Mindset & context are the 2 main ingredients entrepreneurs and leaders must use for creating sustainable real success" ~ Tony Dovale
"IF your mindset does not include a personal life plan, your Life Success Project can NEVER have any chance of real success." ~ Tony Dovale
"Most success oriented mindsets miss out on people becoming more valuable." ~ Tony Dovale
"For long-term true success we mush rethink and change our mindset from only valuing "happiness" to include Well-being as the foundation." ~ Tony Dovale
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