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Early Years Of Life (12 quotes)
Being Never Giving Up (12 quotes)
Raising A Teenager (22 quotes)
Timelessness Of Art (11 quotes)
Great Authors (14 quotes)
Daisy Being Rich (29 quotes)
Helen Of Troys Beauty (23 quotes)
The Love Of Your Life (16 quotes)
Expecting Nothing (19 quotes)
Protective Sisters (29 quotes)
Take My Breath Away (10 quotes)
Emily Fields (20 quotes)
Dying For Others (16 quotes)
Seahorses (2 quotes)
Cincinnati Bengals (18 quotes)
Traditional Costume (13 quotes)
Speaking Plainly (17 quotes)
Outdoor Adventure (11 quotes)
Ireland Goodreads (24 quotes)
Helping Others Grow (21 quotes)
Whoring Around (29 quotes)
Joy And Childhood (18 quotes)
Focusing On Myself (15 quotes)
Growth At Work (13 quotes)
Controlling Things (11 quotes)
Saving My Life (14 quotes)
Her She (35 quotes)
Jaat (3 quotes)
How Special You Are (23 quotes)
Disliking School (29 quotes)
Wheeling Guys (23 quotes)
Being Oppressed (37 quotes)
Hamlet And The Ghost (11 quotes)
Truth And Lies Tumblr (22 quotes)
Welcoming Baby (9 quotes)
A Small Town (67 quotes)
Funny Yuppies (24 quotes)
Camaraderie In War (28 quotes)
Love Queen (30 quotes)
Lazy Saturdays (29 quotes)
Being Bisexual Tumblr (19 quotes)
The Perfect Man (26 quotes)
Psycho Ex Girlfriends (27 quotes)
Nordic Skiing (9 quotes)
Tartan (15 quotes)
Automated Testing (23 quotes)
The Roman Empire (30 quotes)
Wonderful People (28 quotes)
Inexpensive Gifts (22 quotes)
Doubting Oneself (16 quotes)
Coin Collecting (23 quotes)
Being Hated By Many (20 quotes)
Broken Hearted Person (15 quotes)
Gold Star Families (14 quotes)
Failed In Exam (28 quotes)
Secret Santas (28 quotes)
Accepting Failure (29 quotes)
Myself And Attitude (14 quotes)
Missing My Son (19 quotes)
Eyes In Spanish (21 quotes)
Sublime Beauty (31 quotes)
Black Butler (20 quotes)
The Two Of Us (93 quotes)
French New Wave (12 quotes)
Funny Snowman (22 quotes)
Bible Heartbreaks (9 quotes)
100 Dollar Bills (14 quotes)
The Jasmine Flower (16 quotes)

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One who contended that a poem was nothing but black marks on white paper would be unanswerable if he addressed an audience who couldn't read. Look at it through microscopes, analyse the printer's ink and the paper, study it (in that way) as long as you like; you will never find something over and above all the products of analysis whereof you can say "This is the poem." Those who can read, however, will continue to say the poem exists."
Author: C.S. Lewis

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