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Poor Manners (12 quotes)
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My Boyfriends Smile (22 quotes)
Mah Jongg (9 quotes)
Letting Go Of Grudges (27 quotes)
Eisenhower Nasa (27 quotes)

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[...] Y'know, the Duchess Regan is living here at the tower now? I took your advice about not talking about her boffnacity [footnote], even with the duke dead and all, can't be too careful. Although, I caught sight of her in a dressing gown one day she was up on the parapet outside her solar. Fine flanks on that princess, despite the danger of death and all for sayin' so, sir." -YeomenAye, the lady is fair, and her gadonk as fine as frog fur [...]" -Pocketfootnote: Boffnacity: an expression of shagnatiousness, fit. from the Latin boffusnatious"
Author: Christopher Moore

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