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The Queen Mother (33 quotes)
Dosti (22 quotes)
Locking Love (28 quotes)
Darkness And Silence (24 quotes)
Being Unwelcome (25 quotes)
The Earth And Nature (12 quotes)
Bad Christmas Gifts (17 quotes)
Star Trek Warp Speed (17 quotes)
Being Scared Of Love (20 quotes)
Newborn Niece (20 quotes)
Being Snowed In (18 quotes)
More Than One Love (18 quotes)
Praising The Lord (16 quotes)
Unassuming (26 quotes)
The Giver Starving (25 quotes)
One Direction Niall (18 quotes)
Moms And Flowers (22 quotes)
Scared Of Being Alone (14 quotes)
Talking In Circles (15 quotes)
When In Doubt (58 quotes)
Someone Leaving A Job (14 quotes)
Funny Stories (13 quotes)
Forgiving Thieves (21 quotes)
White People (72 quotes)
Mexico Economy (10 quotes)
13th Anniversary (28 quotes)
Happy Choices (23 quotes)
Diet Tumblr (24 quotes)
Silence In The Bible (13 quotes)
Bathing In The Rain (29 quotes)
Elder Sister Love (28 quotes)
Books Of Life (11 quotes)
Macbeth In Act 2 (23 quotes)
Being Happy Right Now (25 quotes)
Keeping Her Safe (15 quotes)
Delicadeza (12 quotes)
Good Guys Tumblr (25 quotes)
A Thoughtful Friend (30 quotes)
Bowing Out Gracefully (27 quotes)
Money Gifts (11 quotes)
Birmingham Bombing (27 quotes)
Tort Reform (12 quotes)
Instagram Models (22 quotes)
Change Meme (19 quotes)
Farmer In Hindi (28 quotes)
Your Ex Downgrading (14 quotes)
Chocolate Tumblr (18 quotes)
Wacky Picture (25 quotes)
Living Wages (32 quotes)
Famous Spheres (17 quotes)
Unhealthy Marriages (16 quotes)
Funny Moving Offices (15 quotes)
Conservation Biology (11 quotes)
Teenage Popularity (17 quotes)
Giulini (1 quotes)
June Month Tagalog (15 quotes)
Father Damien (25 quotes)

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When the lad for longing sighs,Mute and dull of cheer and pale,If at death's own door he lies,Maiden, you can heal his ail.Lovers' ills are all to buy:The wan look, the hollow tone,The hung head, the sunken eye,You can have them for your own.Buy them, buy them: eve and mornLovers' ills are all to sell.Then you can lie down forlorn;But the lover will be well."
Author: A.E. Housman

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