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Twyla Tharp Quotes
Twyla Tharp Quotes
Twyla Tharp Quotes

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Martz: That was my cat.Eli: Fine specimen.Martz: I saw you knock him off the bar.Eli: No. I kind of shooed him. I didn't really knock him...Martz: You raised your hand at him.Eli: Won't happen again, I promise you.Bartender: Hey, Martz, how about another drink?Martz: That cat's been coming here for two years. Its got more right to be here than you.Eli: I don't want any trouble.Martz: Well that's too bad. Cuz you got...Eli: [Eli slams Martz's head on the bar railing] "I know who you are. Murderer of innocent travelers on the road. You're gonna be held to account for the things you've done, do you know that? Do you?"
Author: Book Of Eli Movie

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