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Vinton Cerf Quotes
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People withhold their forgiveness, thinking that it makes them badass. But really, the unwillingness to forgive is merely the wishing that things were better. You wish that you had better, you wish that someone else were better so they could have treated you better... it's you making wishes. And that's not badass. To forgive is to be able to look at the person and say "I accept that you weren't any better than what you were", "I accept what you were you and couldn't have been what I wished you to be", "I accept that things were the way they were and weren't any better." The ability to forgive is intertwined with the ability to accept the reality of the way things are/ the way a person is or was. You stop wishing things and you just accept. And hope is what says to you: "One day you'll have what's better."
Author: C. JoyBell C.

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