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"Roosevelt was determined to stop Stalin from taking over Eastern Europe. He thought they finally had an agreement on Poland. Before Roosevelt died, he realized that Stalin had broken his agreement." ~ W. Averell Harriman
"There's a myth that Roosevelt gave Stalin Eastern Europe. I was with Roosevelt every day at Yalta." ~ W. Averell Harriman
"Poland, of course, was the key country. I remember Stalin telling me that the plains of Poland were the invasion route of Europe to Russia and always had been, and therefore he had to control Poland." ~ W. Averell Harriman
"Yet the whole preamble of the second authorization act for the Marshall Plan showed the direction Congress was ready to take about breaking down barriers within Europe." ~ W. Averell Harriman
"Actually I'd had a certain amount of experience in Europe in the inter-war period, as a banker, and I was also a member of the Board of Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce." ~ W. Averell Harriman
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