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Wendy McClure Quotes
Wendy McClure Quotes
Wendy McClure Quotes

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Who gave you the right to say all this?""You did.""Well, go on.""Do you wish the rest?""Go on.""I think it hurts you to know that you've made me suffer. You wish you hadn't. And yet there's something that frightens you more. The knowledge that I haven't suffered at all.""Go on.""The knowledge that I'm neither kind nor generous now, but simply indifferent. It frightens you, because you know that things like the Stoddard Temple always require payment--and you see that I'm not paying for it. You were astonished that I accepted this commission. Do you think my acceptance required courage? You needed far greater courage to hire me. You see, this is what I think of the Stoddard Temple. I'm through with it. You're not."
Author: Ayn Rand

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