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Zoe Kazan Quotes
Zoe Kazan Quotes
Zoe Kazan Quotes

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What bothers you more?" he asks, leaning forward. "The fact that I'm a vampire or the fact that you have me here, sitting in your bedroom, after midnight? Because I actually think it's the second one."He flashes a toothy smile. In any other time, under any other circumstances, I would almost think that he was..."Are you flirting with me?" I ask, stunned. "Now?"I think I see a flicker of disappointment was across his features, but it could just be a shadow. "Please," he says coolly. "I was just curious. And besides, I thought the whole vampire thing was supposed to be sexy. I just wanted to make sure you weren't going to start giggling and twirling your hair."
Author: A.M. Robinson

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