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Alison Weir Quotes
Alison Weir Quotes
Alison Weir Quotes

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If and when I found him and he hadn't got his danger fix, he'd be way more than just disgruntled. More like royally ticked off. Not the best time to share my recent revelation. One that shocked the heck out of me. One I wasn't sure how to phrase. "Jake, you're the love of my life." Ugh. "You complete me." Too Jerry Maguire. "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." Gawd, no.I felt my lip curl as I pictured him fixing his intense blue eyes on mine, waiting for me to explain. As if I could. This sudden about-face didn't even make sense to me. I just wanted him, dammit, even with his insane stunts, like hang glider tag."
Author: Betsy Cook Speer

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