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Donald McCaig Quotes
Donald McCaig Quotes
Donald McCaig Quotes

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The thunderstorm she's wearing, the clouds, the lightning flashing down her legs and the sound effects are no big deal. But the 1G rain is a serious engineering problem. For all of us, when we have experienced rain, it has been during a Direct Interface Lifetime, in subjective conditions of 1-Gravity. Lunar rain, at 1/6th Gravity, just doesn't look real. Therefore, her dress has a hollow cylindrical 5K spin-2 graviton Field, to make the rain fall at 1G without weighing her down a metric ton. If it's engineered right, she shouldn't feel a bit heavier. That's almost 6990-megawatts right there. The other 10-megawatts or so is mostly rain choreography."
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