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Ernest Borgnine Quotes
Ernest Borgnine Quotes
Ernest Borgnine Quotes

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It was, of course, a great failure in a woman's life - to never have achieved even a doomed and unsuccessful love. But she was not quite sure whether she had failed or not. When she was young there had been moments, of course. But those moments had never amounted to much more than a little fever of admiration - a little flutter and agitation in a ballroom - so slight a feeling that the cautious Dido had never considered it a secure foundation for a lifetime of living together. And then, sooner or later, she had always made and odd remark, or laughed at the wrong moment, and the young men became alarmed or angry - and the flutter and the agitation all turned to irritation.Dido could laugh and gossip about love as well as any woman but, deep down, she suspected that she had not the knack of falling into it."
Author: Anna Dean

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