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Iggy Azalea Quotes
Iggy Azalea Quotes
Iggy Azalea Quotes

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Hyoi, it is through me that this has happened. It is the other hmana who have hit you, the bent two that brought me to Malacandra. We are only half hnau--Hyoi..." His speech died away into the inarticulate. He did not know the words for "forgive," or "shame," or "fault," hardly the word for "sorry." He could only stare into Hyoi's distorted face in speechless guilt. But the hross seemed to understand. It was trying to say something, and Ransom laid his ear close to the working mouth. Hyoi's dulling eyes were fixed on his own, but the expression of a hross was not even now perfectly intelligible to him."Hna--hma," it muttered and then, at last, Hman, hnakrapunt."
Author: C.S. Lewis

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