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1. "It is good a philosopher should remind himself, now and then, that he is a particle pontificating on infinity."
Author: Ariel Durant
2. "But there were women in the world, and from them each of our heroes had taken to himself a wife. The good ladies were no strangers to the prowess of their husbands. and, strange as it may seem, they presumed a little upon it."
Author: Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
3. "Now the proper good of a creature is to surrender itself to its Creator - to enact intellectually, volitionally and emotionally, that relationship which is given in the mere fact of its being a creature when it does so, it is good and happy."
Author: C.S. Lewis
4. "The whole essence of good drawing - and of good thinking, perhaps - is to work a subject down to the simplest form possible and still have it believable for what it is meant to be."
Author: Chuck Jones
5. "I would sooner play in a good British picture than in the majority of American pictures I have seen."
Author: Glynis Johns
6. "Jane,' she said, climbing down from the chair. 'Remember last year when I built that model wind tower for you and you wrote those poems for me?' And you said you'd never switch homework assignments with me again.'For good reason. My teacher had a hard time believing I wrote Tra-la the joy of tulips blooming, Ha-ha the thrill of bumblebees zooming. I'm alive and I dance, I'm alive though death is always looming. When I finally convinced her that I had, she asked me if I needed to talk to the school counselor."
Author: Jeanne Birdsall
7. "High school sucked. It was a universal truth and whoever said these were supposed to be the best years of your life was probably drunk or delusional."
Author: Kami Garcia And Margaret Stohl
8. "Never regret losing time on reading good books"
Author: Kowtham Kumar K
9. "Yep. The tingle in my groin is unmistakable. I've got the hots for the good reverend. I thought I was going to hell before, but this pretty much cements it."
Author: Lisa Desrochers
10. "I think a good business book has one coherent idea that is richly played out."
Author: Marcus Buckingham
11. "The Time Lords really didn't like genocide. I'm not too keen on it myself. It's the potential you're killing off. What if, one day, there was a good Dalek? What if..."
Author: Neil Gaiman
12. "Becaise I love God, I want to handle his truth with accuracy, clarity, and specificity. I want to build bridges of understanding from the wisdom of the Word to the details of people's lives. And because I love people, I will not be satisfied with lobbing grenades of general truth at them. Rather, through good questions, committed listening, and careful interpretation, I will enter their world with the understanding necessary to bring Christ's help to where it is really needed."
Author: Paul David Tripp
13. "For all the things we say to our children for their own good, very little good ever comes of it."
Author: Robin Oliveira

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Quotes About A Good School Year
Quotes About A Good School Year

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