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1. "Abaddon opened his mouth to continue, but Lucifer waved his hand and a gag appeared over the lesser demon's mouth. "So, you really think that the awful world that the humans have built for themselves would have been better without me? May I remind you that Revelation shows that while me and all of my followers are confined in the eternal abyss, the Almighty has shown himself to the world and proven his existence, and everyone knows for a fact that Jesus died for them, the humans will still hate the Almighty and gladly flock to my banner when I am released. So, Abaddon, look into my eyes and tell me that the awful things of the world wouldn't have happened without me."Abaddon looked into the Demon Lord's eyes and couldn't say it, but that was mostly because of the gag."
Author: Kenneth Evers
2. "Theria snarled at him."Careful my dear, your teeth are showing, and I imagine that is frowned upon here too… Why don't you do yourself a favor and go pluck something. It will really do you the world of good," said Abaddon."
Author: Patti Roberts

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