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1. "Could it be, I wonder, that there is such a thing as a wantologist, someone we can hire to figure out what we want? Have I arrived at some final telling moment in my research on outsourcing intimate parts of our lives, or at the absurdist edge of the market frontier?"
Author: Arlie Russell Hochschild
2. "Extremely self-conscious in its craft, in many ways The Hand of Ethelberta is an exploration of fiction as illusion, which involves parody of the conventions it employs; romance, melodrama and farce, and a rejection of realism for absurdist and surrealistic effects. The ‘hand' of Ethelberta is an obvious, ironic allusion to courtship, and the sub-title, ‘A Comedy in Chapters', suggests the novel's affinity with the conventions of Restoration and eighteenth-century comedy of manners."
Author: Geoffrey Harvey
3. "Are you an evolutionist? I'm an absurdist, ma'am. But let's suppose evolution is true; what about the monkeys today? Why can't we see them evolving? Are they still evolving?"
Author: Harrison Wheeler
4. "I think I'm more of an absurdist than a satirist. I think I'm more of a - humanist? I hate to say it!"
Author: Mike White
5. "The absurdist stuff wasn't terribly popular at the time I was doing it."
Author: Robert Sheckley
6. "I love the absurd - kind of absurdist comedy, absurd things in life."
Author: Rose McGowan

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