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1. "I have decided not to appeal the ruling that took my law license. My accusers, the Board of Supervisors, once again have fired my lawyers, ensuring I cannot properly defend myself or my anti-corruption efforts."
Author: Andrew Thomas
2. "Answers to leading questions under torture naturally tell us nothing about the beliefs of the accused; but they are good evidence for the beliefs of the accusers."
Author: C.S. Lewis
3. "I will not deny but that the best apology against false accusers is silence and sufferance, and honest deeds set against dishonest words."
Author: John Milton
4. "If I can't face my accusers, that's a joke. We did that in medieval times."
Author: Lance Armstrong
5. "But this is not difficult, O Athenians! to escape death; but it is much more difficult to avoid depravity, for it runs swifter than death. And now I, being slow and aged, am overtaken by the slower of the two; but my accusers, being strong and active, have been overtaken by the swifter, wickedness. And now I depart, condemned by you to death; but they condemned by truth, as guilty of iniquity and injustice: and I abide my sentence, and so do they. These things, perhaps, ought so to be, and I think that they are for the best."
Author: Plato
6. "The Lord knows the heart of our accusers."
Author: Robert D. Hales
7. "Everyone who's ever been jealous because it's my face in the magazines and not theirs. Every person who can't believe or accept that someone can reach my level of success without being a total prick. Trust me, it's not the lies that hurt people. It's the willingness of everyone else to believe them. And then there are those who come out of the woodwork to back your accuser because it gives them the spotlight for three seconds. They can't stand the fact that you've risen above your past and that they have no excuse for never rising above theirs. In their minds, you need to be taken down a notch and they need to be raised a few, off the lies they tell about you. Because in the end, they know you, they've seen the real you, and by backing your accusers, they make other people think that maybe they were close to you – at least that's what they claim. It's a sick world and I'm disgusted with it. (Aiden)"
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon
8. "It was part of his nature to extenuate nothing and live on as one of his own worst accusers."
Author: Thomas Hardy
9. "Too much of our history will seem to have taken place in the halls of capitols, where the accusers have mostly been guilty, and so have borne witness to nothing."
Author: Wendell Berry

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