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1. "I know, as an overachiever straight-A student in school, I always responded to smart, strong, women represented on screen."
Author: Allison Scagliotti
2. "Goals doesn't leave you like men, goals wait, they wait for their achievers."
Author: Amit Kalantri
3. "Lovers tend to be philosophical, achievers are practical."
Author: Amit Kalantri
4. "I recommend that you focus on both substance and process of your goals. I believe that both are equally important: by setting a high-quality SMART goal you will enable yourself to be conscious and your actions will carry more meaning; meanwhile, it is the execution of the SMART goals strategy that separates achievers from the rest of the people."
Author: Anna Stevens
5. "Achievers are Believers in Commitments and Dreams. But, the great achievers believe in their own and others' good CHARACTER too."
Author: Anuj Somany
6. "Decent people have too much respect for others to be overachievers."
Author: Bauvard
7. "One who has got the habit of taking challenges and accomplishing the task enthusiastically, is an absolute achiever."
Author: Chandrababu V.S.
8. "You're weird, man," said Max, taking another bite of his sandwich. "That's all there is to say. Someday you're going to kill a whole bunch of people probably more than ten, because you're such an overachiever—and then they're going to have me on TV and ask if I saw this corning, and I'm going to say, 'Hell yes, that guy was seriously screwed up.'""Then I guess I have to kill you first," I said."
Author: Dan Wells
9. "I followed the rules, and I was a high achiever."
Author: Daniel Greenberg
10. "Crowds, Scott said. People trudging along wide streets, pushing carts or riding bikes, crowd after crowd in the long lens of the camera so they seem even closer together than they really are, totally jampacked, and I think of how they merge with the future, how the future makes room for the non-achiever, the trudger, the nonagressor, the nonindividual. Totally calm in the long lens, crowd on top of crowd, pedaling, trudging, faceless, sort of surviving nicely."
Author: Don DeLillo
11. "Most achievers I know are people who have made a strong and deep dedication to pursuing a particular goal. That dedication took a tremendous amount of effort."
Author: Donald Johanson
12. "I was always an overachiever."
Author: Donna Rice
13. "In everything we do, in order to succeed, we must believe in ourselves; that we are highly motivated achievers."
Author: Ellen J. Barrier
14. "The achiever is the only individual who is truly alive."
Author: George Allen Sr.
15. "One of the things you realize with a lot of high achievers: You have to figure out a way to make things their idea."
Author: Hank Haney
16. "In school, I was an underachiever."
Author: Henry Winkler
17. "Since George was at work, Dad ended up driving both women to the hospital. They clutched each other in the backseat-two huge-bellied, panting, moaning women, both of them freaking out about the work they were missing. Dad sped all the way to the hospital, sure he'd get pulled over and arrested for being a suspected polygamist with a taste for overachievers."
Author: Hilary Duff
18. "Believers are achievers, therefore believe and achieve!• Believe that you are responsible for your own accomplishments God deposited in you!• Believe that success is not luck; it is the result a deliberate effort to do a hard work!• Believe that prayer works through faith and action!• Believe that great people took great steps. Weak people took weak steps!• Believe that you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you!"
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
19. "Power as a beneficial tool for aspiring achievers is primarily made up into four folds;1. Power to control emotions,2. Power to make right decisions,3. Power to stand against depression,4. Power to excel in innovations."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
20. "Positive attitude enables you to go with passion and see possibility in every challenging circumstance. It was by that, that great achievers picked up metal scraps on the floor and saw machines built from it."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
21. "All achievers had plans that they clearly listed or outlined and run to their fulfillment. If you want to make it as they did, you have to make a plan that defines your purpose; you must write out and clearly define who you are and who you want to be, what you have to do to be that person and how it will be done."
Author: Israelmore Ayivor
22. "Any other mislabeled underachievers around here? Speak up now or suffer the consquences," he said. Emily blinked. "other mislabeled underachievers?" That's correct," Maxwell said. "I, for one, have definitely been mislabeled. I am not an underachiever. I simply refuse to waste my time on subjects which will be of no use to me in my future, such as math and science."
Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
23. "Overachievers, here's some good and some bad news. The good news is, that you're smart, special, and you're raising the bar. The bad news is: very few people will like you."
Author: Joan Marques
24. "No great achiever - even those who made it seem easy - ever succeeded without hard work."
Author: Jonathan Sacks
25. "Every Star is a Sun... If near its planet... Likewise every individual is an Achiever if he/she works in their Stream."
Author: Mayank Sharma
26. "Death is the future of everyone, but he who detests death is a failure in life, but he who admonishes it is an achiever"
Author: Michael Bassey Johnson
27. "Many people you think are individual achievers in fact have either a strong spousal partner over many years or a business partner who's either in the background, not given enough publicity or less egocentric."
Author: Michael Eisner
28. "The names we use to describe personality traits - such as extrovert, high achiever, or paranoid - refer to the specific patterns people have used to structure their attantion. At the same party, the extrovert will seek out and enjoy interactions with others, the high achiever will look for useful business conacts, and the paranoid will be on guard for signs of danger he must avoid. Attention can be invested in innumerable ways, ways that can make life eihther rich or miserable."
Author: Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi
29. "The one thing all famous authors, world class athletes, business tycoons, singers, actors, and celebrated achievers in any field have in common is that they all began their journeys when they were none of these things. Yet still, they began their journeys."
Author: Mike Dooley
30. "If you can persist your originality at every situation without masking your face, undoubtedly you are an achiever!"
Author: Nelson Jack
31. "Mediocre people don't like high achievers, and high achievers don't like mediocre people."
Author: Nick Saban
32. "You're so damn strong, Liv, and you don't even realize it. I'm the one who's always had to show people I'm successful, an achiever, the best at everything I did. I'm the one who's always been a goddamn egotist. A groveler. And you…you're the first person who's ever…Christ, Liv, sometimes the way you look at me makes me feel like I can hang the fucking moon."
Author: Nina Lane
33. "Too many non-achievers confuse humility with humiliation."
Author: Orrin Woodward
34. "We wanted to be achievers, but being an achiever didn't mean that you stopped being a woman."
Author: Peggy Fleming
35. "Don't give any chance tosomeone to stole ur aim,collect ur full potential to get itand prove that ur achiever......."
Author: Praveen Kumar
36. "High achievers spot rich opportunities swiftly, make big decisions quickly and move into action immediately."
Author: Robert Schuller
37. "A nation of underachievers is easier to control than a society that excels."
Author: Ryan Hunter
38. "She explained that many people, but especially women, feel fraudulent when they are praised for their accomplishments. Instead of feeling worthy of recognition, they feel undeserving and guilty, as if a mistake has been made. Despite being high achievers, even experts in their fields, women can't seem to shake the sense that it is only a matter of time until they are found out for who they really are- impostors with limited skills or abilities."
Author: Sheryl Sandberg
39. "Until you feel that you achieved, you are a Endless Achiever"
Author: Sivan Ravisankar
40. "I admit it in school I was an underachiever and it was so easy to do."
Author: Stanley Victor Paskavich
41. "Whoever's job it was to keep the room clean was clearly not an overachiever."
Author: Steve Hamilton
42. "Action separates the heroes from the cowards, the achievers from the complainers, the successful from the mere dreamers, the happy from the envious; it separates those who rise to the challenge of their goals from the haters who cower in the shadow of stagnancy."
Author: Steve Maraboli
43. "Result of HARDWORK Is Neither Friends Nor Enemy,To the AGE Of the ACHIEVER!"
Author: Sujit Lalwani
44. "We like to stress the commonness of heroes. Essences seem undemocratic. We feel oppressed by the call to greatness. We regard an interest in glory or perfection as a sign of mental unhealthiness, and have decided that high achievers, who are called overachievers, owe their surplus ambition to a defect in mothering (either too little or too much). We want to admire but think we have a right not to be intimidated. We dislike feeling inferior to an ideal. So away with ideals, with essences. The only ideals allowed are healthy ones -- those everyone may aspire to, or comfortably imagine oneself possessing."
Author: Susan Sontag
45. "I am an over-achiever, and I want to be known for the good things in my life."
Author: Taylor Swift
46. "Bono is chairman and founding member of Over-Achievers Anonymous. He has an irrepressible drive to be great. He wants to achieve it all, which actually makes him very vulnerable."
Author: The Edge
47. "The text says that when the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, _he_ loved her. God was saying, 'I am the real bridegroom. I am the husband of the husbandless. I am the father of the fatherless.' This is the God who saves by grace. The gods of moralistic religions favor the successful and the overachievers. THe are the ones who climb the moral ladder up to heaven. But the God of the Bible is the one who comes down into this world to accomplish a salvation and give us a grace we could never attain ourselves."
Author: Timothy Keller
48. "Ambition is a path, not a destination, and it is essentially the same path for everybody. No matter what the goal is, the path leads through Pilgrim's Progress regions of motivation, hard work, persistence, stubbornness, and resilience under disappointment. Unconsidered, merely indulged, ambition becomes a vice; it can turn an man into a machine that knows nothing but how to run. Considered, it can be something else — pathway to the stars, maybe. I suspect that what makes hedonists so angry when they think about overachievers is that the overachievers, without benefit of drugs or orgies, have more fun."
Author: Wallace Stegner
49. "No one is fearless. The difference between achievers and everyone else is that they take action despite their fears."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour
50. "Achievers move forward at all times. Achievement is not a plateau, it's a beginning."
Author: Ziad K. Abdelnour

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