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1. "Others said May was best, that sweet green time when lilacs bloomed and gardens along Main Street were filled with sugary pink peonies and Dutch tulips."
Author: Alice Hoffman
2. "Among the short-lived races, pleasure slaves became emotionally unstable after a few years. It took decades among the long-lived races, but eventually the combination of aphrodisiacs and constant arousal without being allowed any release twisted something inside the males. After that, with careful handling, they still had their uses, but not as pleasure slaves. Daemon had been a pleasure slave for most of his life."
Author: Anne Bishop
3. "After the dress rehearsal that afternoon, someone had misplaced the vial of poison, and for lack of better, Romeo would have to commit suicide by eating Tic Tacs."
Author: Anne Fortier
4. "If nymphomaniacs were chefs, the stomach and the groin would finally start talking. They'd say: "Fat is sexy." Enrolling all our sex addicts in culinary school may be the best way of dealing with obesity. Every meal of the day would be candlelit, every course would be dessert, and our food would make squelching noises and prematurely explode before it reaches our mouths."
Author: Bauvard
5. "I have met guys who work the overnight shift at 7-11, selling Slurpees and Camels to insomniacs who have more introspection than a lot of people in the mainstream media."
Author: Bernard Goldberg
6. "Work, then, institutionalizes homicide as a way of life. People think the Cambodians were crazy for exterminating themselves, but are we any different? The Pol Pot regime at least had a vision, however blurred, of an egalitarian society. We kill people in the six-figure range (at least) in order to sell Big Macs and Cadillacs to the survivors. Our forty or fifty thousand annual highway fatalities are victims, not martyrs. They died for nothing — or rather, they died for work. But work is nothing to die for."
Author: Bob Black
7. "Every major federal campaign-finance-reform effort since 1943 has attempted to treat corporations and unions equally. If a limit applied to corporations, it applied to unions; if unions could form PACs, corporations could too; and so on. DISCLOSE is the first major campaign-finance bill that has not taken this approach."
Author: Bradley A. Smith
8. "The Guide laughed. "You are falling into their own error," he said, "the change is not radical, nor will it be permanent. That idea depends on a curious disease which they have all caught---an inability to dis-believe advertisements. To be sure, if the machines did what they promised, the change would be very deep indeed. Their next war, for example, would change the state of their country from disease to death. They are afraid of this themselves---though most of them are old enough to know by experience that a gun is no more likely than a toothpaste or a cosmetic to do the things its makers say it will do. It is the same with all their machines. Their labour-saving devices multiply drudgery; their aphrodisiacs make them impotent: their amusements bore them: their rapid production of food leaves half of them starving, and their devices for saving time have banished leisure from their country. There will be no radical change."
Author: C.S. Lewis
9. "Író ember nem felejti el, mikor kapott eloször fizetséget vagy dicséretet egy történetért. Sosem felejti el, mikor érezte eloször a hiúság édes mérgét a vérében, és hitte el, hogy ha tehetségtelensége rejtve marad, az irodalom ábrándja majd fedelet ád a feje fölé, és meleg vacsorát a nap végén, de legfoképp azt, amire elsosorban vágyik: hogy a neve nyomtatásban szerepelhet egy papírfecnin, ami biztos túléli ot. Az író arra ítéltetett, hogy jól emlékezzen e pillanatra, mert már elkárhozott, és a lelkének ára van."
Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
10. "We can laugh all we like at Micromaniacs, but they will have the last laugh - because they are designing the future that the rest of us will have to live in."
Author: Charles Platt
11. "They were both lean and blond and weather-beaten, and one evening, as they were portaging gear from their respective Zodiacs, Libby unzipped her survival suit and tied the sleeves around her waist so she could move more freely. Nate said, "You look good in that."No one, absolutely no one, looks good in a survival suit (unless a Day-Glo orange marshmallow man is your idea of a hot date), but Libby didn't even make the effort to roll her eyes. "I have vodka and a shower in my cabin," she said."I have a shower in my cabin, too," Nate said.Libby just shook her head and trudged up the path to the lodge. Over her shoulder she called, "In five minutes, there's going to be a naked woman in my shower. You got one of those?""Oh," said Nate."
Author: Christopher Moore
12. "Picture-perfect, state-of-the-art vaginas lengthened using sections of colon, self-cleaning and lubricated with its own mucosa. Sensate clitorises made by cropping and rerouting bits of the glans penis. The Cadillac of vaginoplasty. Some of these Cadillacs turn out so succesful that the flood of colon mucosa means wearing a maxipad every day."
Author: Chuck Palahniuk
13. "Prom was more about acting out some weird facsimile of adulthood: dress up like a tacky wedding party, hold hands and behave like a couple even if you've never dated, and observe the etiquette of Gilded Age debutantes thrust into modern celebrity: limos, red carpets and a constant stream of paparazzi, played by parents, teachers, and hired photo hacks."
Author: Dave Cullen
14. "My bother was one of the bigger influences in my life, in as much as he told me I didn't have to read the choice of books that I as recommended at school, and that I could go out to the library and go and choose my own, and sort of introduced me to authors that I wouldn't have read.probably. You know, the usual things like the Jack Kerouacs, the Ginsbergs, the ee Cummings and stuff."
Author: David Bowie
15. ".. he'd never believed that power, in any shape or form, was anything more than the intemperate protrusion on the egomaniacal heart. Since all egomaniacs were insecure to their frightened cores, they this weilded "power" barbarically so the world would not find them out"
Author: Dennis Lehane
16. "If there's any real truth, it's that the entire multidimensional infinity of the Universe is almost certainly being run by a bunch of maniacs."
Author: Douglas Adams
17. "First rule of Economics 101: our desires are insatiable. Second rule: we can stomach only three Big Macs at a time."
Author: Douglas Horton
18. "Too many maniacs not enough michelangelos"
Author: Elizabeth Gilbert
19. "Not being assaulted is not a privilege to be earned through the judicious application of personal safety strategies. A woman should be able to walk down the street at 4 in the morning in nothing but her socks, blind drunk, without being assaulted, and I, for one, am not going to do anything to imply that she is in any way responsible for her own assault if she fails to Adequately Protect Herself. Men aren't helpless dick-driven maniacs who can't help raping a vulnerable woman. It disrespects EVERYONE."
Author: Emily Nagoski
20. "… elvesztette csodálatos irrealitásérzékét, s végül mindannyiuknak azt tanácsolta, hogy hagyják ott Macondót, felejtsék el mindazt, amit a világról és az emberi szívrol tanított nekik, szarjanak Horatiusra, és bárhová kerüljenek is, mindig jusson eszükbe, hogy a múlt hazugság, hogy az emlékezet nem ismer visszautat, hogy minden régi tavasz visszavonhatatlanul elveszett, s hogy végso soron a legorjöngobb és legmakacsabb szerelem sem egyéb, mint tuno igazság."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
21. "Psychos and megalomaniacs are my forte, remember? They all wanna hang with me"
Author: Gini Koch
22. "Egymásra néztek, azzal a mozdulatlan, éles, belehatoló tekintettel, amikor két lélek komolyan hiszi: eggyé tud olvadni. Egymást keresték a másik szemében, a szeme mögött, a létezés megfejhetetlenségében s ismeretlenjében. Néma, makacs kérdéssel kutatták egymást. Mit jelent majd egyik a másiknak? Milyen lesz az élet, amit együtt kezdenek? Milyen örömöket, boldogságot, csalódást tartogatnak egymás számára a házasság hosszú, felbonthatatlan, bizalmas kettesében? És mind a ketten azt érezték, hogy még sohasem látták egymást."
Author: Guy De Maupassant
23. "Ha a nok elmésnek, tehetségesnek találják, a férfiak el fogják hinni, hogy az, hacsak maga ki nem ábrándítja oket. Akkor aztán mindent akarhat, mindenütt megvetheti a lábát. Akkor majd megtudja, hogy a világ nem egyéb, mint megcsaltak és csalók közössége."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
24. "Now Julie could stay here, in the Keep full of homicidal maniacs who grewteeth the size of switchblades and erupted into a violent frenzy when threatened."
Author: Ilona Andrews
25. "For women, the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time."
Author: Isabel Allende
26. "Dezdemónának fogalma sem volt róla, mi történik vele. O még nem úgy képzelte el saját benso énjét, mint egy hatalmas komputert, ahol minden egyesek és nullák végtelen láncolatából és esetleg egy-egy ólálkodó vírusból áll. Mi, mai emberek, már tisztában vagyunk azzal, hogy saját genetikai térképünket mindenhová magunkkal hurcoljuk. Akkor is a sorsunk diktátumának engedelmeskedünk, amikor az utcasarkon ogyelgünk. Ez rajzolja ugyanazokat a ráncokat az arcunkra, amiket a szüleink is viselnek. Ennek köszönhetjük jellegzetes családi vonásainkat és szokásainkat. Génjeink mélyen belénk ivódtak, ezek diktálják a szemmozgásunkat, de úgy, hogy két novér mindig ugyanúgy kacsint, a fiúikrek pedig uniszónóban fújnak gömböt a rágógumijukból."
Author: Jeffrey Eugenides
27. "Know ye not that there is here in this world a secret confraternity, which one might call the Company of Melancholiacs? That people there are who by natural constitution have been given a different nature and disposition than the others; that have a larger heart and a swifter blood, that wish and demand more, have stronger desires and a yearning which is wilder and more ardent than that of the common herd. They are fleet as children over whose birth good fairies have presided; their eyes are opened wider; their senses are more subtile in all their perceptions. The gladness and joy of life, they drink with the roots of their heart, the while the others merely grasp them with coarse hands."
Author: Jens Peter Jacobsen
28. "They exchanged notes, like children. My grandfather made his out of newspaper clippings and dropped them in her woven baskets, into which he knew only she would dare stick a hand. Meet me under the wooden bridge and I will show you things you have never, ever seen. The "M" was taken from the army that would take his mother's life: GERMAN FRONT ADVANCES ON SOVIET BORDER; the "eet" from their approaching warships: NAZI FLEET DEFEATS FRENCH AT LESACS; the "me" from the peninsula they were blue-eyeing: GERMANS SURROUND CRIMEA; the "und" from too little, too late: AMERICAN WAR FUNDS REACH ENGLAND; the "er" from the dog of dogs: HITLER RENDERS NONAGGRESSION PACT INOPERATIVE…and so on, and so on, each note a collage of love that could never be, and a war that could"
Author: Jonathan Safran Foer
29. "I met with amnesiacs and savants, educators and scientists, to try to understand what memory is, why it works, why it sometimes doesn't, and what its potential might be."
Author: Joshua Foer
30. "I am happy to make money. I want to make more money, make more music, eat Big Macs and drink Budweisers."
Author: Kid Rock
31. "I love my little Mac G4 computer and we just had Internet installed on the bus... we all have little Macs actually, there's four of us on the bus, and we all just sit there and surf the Internet!"
Author: Lee Ann Womack
32. "Hacsak nem vagy varázslatosan szerencsés, akkor bizonyára történt már veled olyasmi az életben, amitol sírtál, és tudod azt is, hogy egy jó sírásban úgy megkönnyebbül a szív, ami akkor is elviselhetobbé teszi a dolgokat, ha azok egy szemernyit sem változtak."
Author: Lemony Snicket
33. "Setting up a community and seeing what happens to it when the megalomaniacs get busy: that's my main preoccupation."
Author: Louis De Bernieres
34. "You shine like the sun and you move like water. Your eyes are the perfect mix of gray and brown, like fog in the woods, and you smell like lilacs in the summer. I think if you laughed, it would sound like music."
Author: M. Leighton
35. "Wild geese fly south, creaking like anguished hinges; along the riverbank the candles of the sumacs burn dull red. It's the first week of October. Season of woolen garments taken out of mothballs; of nocturnal mists and dew and slippery front steps, and late-blooming slugs; of snapdragons having one last fling; of those frilly ornamental pink-and-purple cabbages that never used to exist, but are all over everywhere now."
Author: Margaret Atwood
36. "He will talk to me a litthe while, too shy to tell me why he has come, and then he will thank me and leave, walking backward a few steps, thinking, Yes, the barn is still there, yes, the lilacs, even the pot of petunias. This was my father's house. And I will think, He is young. He cannot know that my whole like has come down to this moment.That he has answered his father's prayers."
Author: Marilynne Robinson
37. "Insomniacs know better than anyone how it would be to haunt a house."
Author: Michael Cunningham
38. "A gyerekkorom nem hiányzik, de az igen, ahogyan örömömet leltem a kis dolgokban, még akkor is, amikor a nagyobb dolgok összeomlottak körülöttem. Nem tudtam irányítani a világot, amiben voltam, nem tudtam otthagyni fájdalmas dolgokat, embereket vagy pillanatokat, de örömömet leltem kis dolgokban, boldoggá tettek. A tejsodó édes és krémes volt a számban, a sötét gyümölcsdarabok a vastag, rágós pudingban jellegzetes ízuek, és talán meghalok még éjjel, talán soha nem kerülök haza, de finom vacsora volt, és hittem Lettie Hempstockban."
Author: Neil Gaiman
39. "I heard from clear across the city, over the Hudson in the Jersey yards, one fierce whistle of a locomotive which took me to a train late at night hurling through the middle of the West, its iron shriek blighting the darkness. One hundred years before, some first trains had torn through the prairie and their warning had congealed the nerve. "Beware," said the sound. "Freeze in your route. Behind this machine comes a century of maniacs and a heat which looks to consume the earth." What a rustling those first animals must have known."
Author: Norman Mailer
40. "Thus the feeling I sometimes have - which all of us who work closely with aphasiacs have - that one cannot lie to an aphasiac. He cannot grasp your words, and cannot be deceived by them; but what he grasps he grasps with infallible precision, namely the expression that goes with the words, the total, spontaneous, involuntary expressiveness which can never be simulated or faked, as words alone can, too easily."
Author: Oliver Sacks
41. "He really would have done all that for her, you see, and done it believing he'd burn in hell forever for doing it. He hadn't done it, and wouldn't had made her his anyway, but you see why he'd have figured it did. Or maybe I saw it anyway, at the time. He was a maniac and a monster, but people don't love like that anymore. Or maybe it's only the maniacs and monsters who do. I don't know."
Author: Peter S. Beagle
42. "Cadillacs are down at the end of the bat."
Author: Ralph Kiner
43. "Kovacs to a female believer in New Revelation: "..I'm calling you a gutless betrayer of your sex. I can see your husband's angle, he's a man, he's got everything to gain from this crapshit. But you? You've thrown away centuries of political struggle and scientific advance so you can sit in the dark and mutter your superstitions of unworth to yourself. You'll let your life, the most precious thing you have, be stolen from you hour by hour and day by day as long as you can eke out the existence your males will let you have. And then, when you finally die, and I hope it's soon, sister, I really do, then at the last you'll spite your own potential and shirk the final power we've won for ourselves to come back and try again. You'll do all of this because of your fucking faith, and if that child in your belly is female, then you'll condemn her to the same fucking thing"
Author: Richard K. Morgan
44. "What?" he asked."I don't know. Just thinking about flowers. And impressing people. I mean, how strange is it that we bring plant sex organs to people we're attracted to? What's up with that? It's a weird sign of affection."His dark eyes lit up, like he'd just discovered something surprising and delightful. "Is it any weirder than giving chocolate, which is supposed to be an aphrodisiac? Or what about wine? A 'romantic' drink that really just succeeds in lowering the other person's inhibitions.""Hmmm, It's like people are trying to be both subtle and blatant at the same time. Like, they won't actually go up and say, 'Hey, I like you, lets get together.' Instead, they're like, 'Here, have some plant genitalia and aphrodisiacs."
Author: Richelle Mead
45. "Do-gooding is like treating hemophilia - the real cure is to let hemophiliacs bleed to death...before they breed more hemophiliacs."
Author: Robert A. Heinlein
46. "Stick with the Dips that are likely to pan out, and quit the Cul-de-Sacs to focus your resources"
Author: Seth Godin
47. "His low voice breaks the stillness. "You didn't say what you were doing out this late.""I couldn't sleep either," I reply. Not a lie.His mouth curves. "So we're perfect for each other. A pair of insomniacs."Perfect for each other.I grin a mad, stupid smile."
Author: Sophie Jordan
48. "The feminine comes to us in nature. Go outside. Look at the amazing waves of green, of lilacs, of blue mountains. We are in the presence of the manifestation right here. And she's reaching for you."
Author: Stephen Cope
49. "I felt my whole life was a facsimile of a life."
Author: Tama Janowitz
50. "Let me begin by telling you that I was in love. An ordinary statement, to be sure, but not an ordinary fact, for so few of us learn that love is tenderness, and tenderness is not, as a fair proportian suspect, pity; and still fewer know that happiness in love is not the absolute focusing of all emotion in another: one has always to love a good many things which the beloved must come only to symbolize; the true beloveds of this world are in their lovers's eyes lilacs opening, ship lights, school bells, a landscape, remembered conversations, friends, a child's Sunday, lost voices, one's favourite suit, autumn and all seasons, memory, yes, it being the earth and water of existence, memory."
Author: Truman Capote

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