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1. "It was [Hugh's] omnipresent fear that some woman might be foisted on him who would turn out to be an adventuress and would blackmail him. This preoccupation made it almost impossible for him to engage a secretary."
Author: Anthony Powell
2. "Dreams are important to me because they are so irrational. I'm attracted to things which seem to fit together but don't in fact make any sense. Dreams didn't really have a lot to do with the novel whereas "The Adventuress," which was my first visual book, is almost entirely based on dreams. I had ten more or less random drawings and then I thought well, I'll make a plot that connects all of them. "The Three Incestuous Sisters" was kind of the same. The three characters appeared in a dream and I knew who they were."
Author: Audrey Niffenegger
3. "I have beenused something fierce in my time buti am no bum sport archyi am a free spirit archy ilook on myself as beingquite a romantic character oh thequeens i have been and the swell feeds i have atea cockroach which you areand a poet which you used to bearchy couldn t understandmy feelings at having comedown to this i havehad bids to elegant feeds where poetsand cockroaches wouldneither one be mentioned without alaugh archy i have hadadventures but ihave never been an adventuress"
Author: Don Marquis
4. "You complainbecause things don't arrange themselves around you like a bouquet of flowers, without your taking theslightest trouble to do anything. But I have never asked as much: I wanted action. You know, when weplayed adventurer and adventuress: you were the one who had adventures, I was the one who madethem happen."
Author: Jean Paul Sartre
5. "Leda: 'I would rather become an international adventuress and bring down kings and emperors.'Maxim: 'But this is the age of republics and democracies. It's much harder to seduce a committee."
Author: Michael Moorcock
6. "Our house is quiet, small and plain,and yet its rooms run far and wide. A hundred pencils, swift as rain, writing on sheets of beaten goldwould not be quick enough to holdthe strange adventuresshadows hide..."
Author: Nancy Willard

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Quotes About Adventuress
Quotes About Adventuress

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