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1. "Remember crime against property is not real crime. People look at an oil painting and admire the use of brushstrokes to convey meaning. People look at a graffiti painting and admire the use of a drainpipe to gain access."
Author: Banksy
2. "I shampoo only once a week or so, with tree tea oil shampoo. And when I slap moisturizer on my face - just some stuff I bought in the grocery store - I pile it through my hair."
Author: Billy Campbell
3. "...and the cries of the birds and the uproar of the monkeys became more and more remote, and the world became eternally sad. The men on the expedition felt overwhelmed by their most ancient memories in that paradise of dampness and silence, going back to before original sin, as their boots sank into pools of steaming oil and their machetes destroyed bloody lilies and golden salamanders."
Author: Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez
4. "A century ago, petroleum - what we call oil - was just an obscure commodity; today it is almost as vital to human existence as water."
Author: James Buchan
5. "Laura, there aren't any guarantees. You certainly know that. Yes, you could be hurt. You could also be happy. Or you could just get your oil checked."
Author: Nora Roberts
6. "The oil dinosaurs want to win so badly in my home state because what happens here matters everywhere. The nation often follows where California goes."
Author: Rebecca Solnit
7. "I mean, there is amazing amount of oil and gas and other resources out beneath the sea. It's staggering."
Author: Robert Ballard
8. "It's not just a hurricane. It's the demand for gas in China... We're paying $3 a gallon, and the oil companies are making historic profits every quarter."
Author: Ron Klein
9. "Oil kindles extraordinary emotions and hopes, since oil is above all a great temptation. It is the temptation of ease, wealth, strength, fortune, power. It is a filthy, foul-smelling liquid that squirts obligingly up into the air and falls back to earth as a rustling shower of money."
Author: Ryszard Kapuściński
10. "All his prayers of the past had been simple concrete requests: God, give me a bicycle, a knife with seven blades, a box of oil paints. Only how, how, could you say something so indefinite, so meaningless as this: God, let me be loved."
Author: Truman Capote
11. "He heard the voice that had called to him in dreams, had saved him from the sands and from following his brother into the river."
Author: V.S. Carnes
12. "When the sands of time come falling down, we are only left with our choices. Choose wisely; however, some may argue wisdom is relative."
Author: Virginia Vayna

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Quotes About Alberta Oil Sands
Quotes About Alberta Oil Sands
Quotes About Alberta Oil Sands

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