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1. "Banyak keajaiban di dunia karena orang telah memasang tekad dan niat, dan lalu mencoba merealisasikannya."
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
2. "Dulu kami tidak takut bermimpi, walau sejujurnya juga tidak tahu bagaimana merealisasikannya. Tapi lihatlah hari ini. Setelah kami mengerahkan segala ikhtiar dan menggenapkan dengan doa, Tuhan mengirim benua impian ke pelukan masing-masing. Kun fayakun, maka semula awan impian, kini hidup yang nyata. Kami berenam telah berada di lima negara yang berbeda. Di lima menara impian kami. Jangan pernah remehkan impian, walau setinggi apapun. Tuhan sungguh Maha Mendengar"
Author: Ahmad Fuadi
3. "What breadth, what beauty and power of human nature and development there must be in a woman to get over all the palisades, all the fences, within which she is held captive!"
Author: Alexander Herzen
4. "A determined will, grounded on a clear order of rank of values, coupled with organic strength of outlook, will also one day - despite all hindrances - enforce its realisation in all domains."
Author: Alfred Rosenberg
5. "I ask the political economists and the moralists if they have ever calculated the number of individuals who must be condemned to misery, overwork, demoralisation, degradation, rank ignorance, overwhelming misfortune and utter penury in order to produce one rich man."
Author: Almeida Garrett
6. "This is not bad, but the pace of globalisation has surpassed the capacity of the system to adjust to new realities of a more interdependent and integrated world."
Author: Anna Lindh
7. "Globalisation has made us more vulnerable. It creates a world without borders, and makes us painfully aware of the limitations of our present instruments, and of politics, to meet its challenges."
Author: Anna Lindh
8. "The principal advantages of living in your station's section house is that it is cheap, close to work and it's not your parents' flat. The disadvantages are that you're sharing your accommodation with people too weakly socialised to live with normal human beings, and who habitually wear heavy boots. The weak socialisation makes opening the fridge an exciting adventure in microbiology, and the boots mean that every shift change sounds like an avalanche."
Author: Ben Aaronovitch
9. "How I would love to be a British pound. A pound is free to travel to safety and we are free to watch it go. This is the triumph. This is called globalisation. 2"
Author: Chris Cleave
10. "I've always found diversity more interesting than specialisation. I like mixing it up across years, within days, within weeks - that's what stimulates me, gives me energy."
Author: Chris Liddell
11. "The whole tendency of modern life is towards scientific planning and organisation, central control, standardisation, and specialisation. If this tendency was left to work itself out to its extreme conclusion, one might expect to see the state transformed into an immense social machine, all the individual components of which are strictly limited to the performance of a definite and specialised function, where there could be no freedom because the machine could only work smoothly as long as every wheel and cog performed its task with unvarying regularity. Now the nearer modern society comes to the state of total organisation, the more difficult it is to find any place for spiritual freedom and personal responsibility. Education itself becomes an essential part of the machine, for the mind has to be as completely measured and controlled by the techniques of the scientific expert as the task which it is being trained to perform."
Author: Christopher Henry Dawson
12. "His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, sexuality, and instinctive behaviour."
Author: D.H. Lawrence
13. "When we give our minds and our responsibility away, we give our lives away. If enough of us do it, we give the world away and that is precisely what we have been doing throughout known human history. This is why the few have always controlled the masses. The only difference today is that the few are now manipulating the entire planet because of the globalisation of business, banking and communications. The foundation of that control has always been the same : keep the people in ignorance, fear and at war with themselves,. Divide, rule and conquer while keeping the most important knowledge to yourself."
Author: David Icke
14. "Avant-garde, adj.This was after Alisa' show, the reverse-blackface rendition of Gone With the Wind, including songs from the Empire Records soundtrack and an interval of nineteenth-century German poetry, recited with a lisp."What does avant-garde mean, anyway?" I asked."I believe it translates as favor to your friends," you replied."
Author: David Levithan
15. "You know, Dag and Claire smile a lot, as do many people I know. But I always wondered if there is something either mechanical or malignant to their smiles, for the way they keep their outer lips propped up seems a bit, not false, but protective. A minor realization hits me as I sit with the two of them. It is the realisation that the smiles that they wear in their daily lives are the same as the smiles worn by people who have been good-naturedly fleeced, but fleeced nonetheless, in public and on a New York sidewalk by card sharks, and who are unable because of social conventions to show their anger, who don't want to look like poor sports."
Author: Douglas Coupland
16. "Ako više ne želite stvarati bol sebi i drugima, ako više ne želitepovecavati ostatke bolova iz prošlosti koji još žive u vama, tada višene stvarajte vrijeme ili ga barem ne stvarajte više nego što je potrebnodok se bavite prakticnim vidovima vlastita života. Kako prestatistvarati vrijeme? Duboko u sebi shvatite kako uvijek imate samosadašnji trenutak. Neka Sada postane prvobitna žarišna tocka vašegaživota. Dok ste prije boravili u vremenu i tek nakratko posjecivaliSadašnji trenutak, sada prebivajte u njemu, a tek nakratko posjecujteprošlost i buducnost kad se morate pozabaviti prakticnim vidovimasvoje životne situacije. Sadašnjem trenutku uvijek recite: »Da«. Što bimoglo biti jalovije i lude nego stvarati unutarnji otpor necemu štovec postoji! Sto bi moglo biti lude nego se suprotstavljati samom životu,koji jest sada i uvijek samo sada? Predajte se onome što jest. Recite»da« životu - i vidjet cete kako život iznenada pocinje raditi zavas, umjesto da vam se suprotstavlja."
Author: Eckhart Tolle
17. "I'm bad at rationalisation - very bad."
Author: Erin O'Connor
18. "Quando uma camionete vermelha me atropelou o pé meu corpo gritou uma dor capaz de paralisar o tempo aglutinando-o em coágulos de sangue."
Author: Filipe Russo
19. "His father cultivated art and self-realisation; his mother went in for simplicity and hygiene. Hence the child, during his tenderer years, was wholly unacquainted with any drink between the extremes of absinth and cocoa, of both of which he had a healthy dislike."
Author: G.K. Chesterton
20. "Fear and realisation of ignorance, strong medicines against stupid pride."
Author: Garth Nix
21. "The ideology of liberal humanism found expression in the earliest reviews of Hardy's writing and remained a dominant force until the explosion of literary theory in the 1980s. It is a broad and still influential category. It endorses the moral value of the individual, and the strength of the human spirit. It prefers the integrity of an organic rural society to the anonymity and materialism of an urbanised and technological world. Applied to fiction, this ideology involves the naturalisation of the novel's world and its values, and the recognition of fictional character as presenting a unified subject."
Author: Geoffrey Harvey
22. "You English palisade yourselves up behind 'must nots' and I commence to think it is a barren fortress in which you wall yourselves. - Caleb"
Author: Geraldine Brooks
23. "There's a reason humans peg-out around eighty: prose fatigue. It looks like organ failure or cancer or stroke but it's really just the inability to carry on clambering through the assault course of mundane cause and effect. If we ask Sheila then we can't ask Ron. If I have the kippers now then it's quiche for tea. Four score years is about all the ifs and thens you can take. Dementia's the sane realisation you just can't be doing with all that anymore."
Author: Glen Duncan
24. "There's a fleeting moment that exists for every individual just before they do something truly life-altering. Its that flash of insight and sanity that stalls your heartbeat and bloo flow - a quick warning - just before you explode and make a fool of yourself. Or that incredible brief instant of clarity you have before you floor the gas pedal and run the red light. It's a split second of self admonishment in which you realise that what you're about to do is wrong, but just as quickly choose to ignore that realisation and do it anyway. It's too fast to catch, too bright to see, utterly gone even before you've blinked and therefore, it does a person absolutely no good at all. And yet, there it is."
Author: Heather Killough Walden
25. "It surely can be no offence to state, that the progress of science has led to new views, and that the consequences that can be deduced from the knowledge of a hundred facts may be very different from those deducible from five. It is also possible that the facts first known may be the exceptions to a rule and not the rule itself, and generalisations from these first-known facts, though useful at the time, may be highly mischievous, and impede the progress of the science if retained when it has made some advance."
Author: Henry Thomas De La Beche
26. "Over recent years, urbanisation, globalisation and the destruction of local cultures has led to a rise in the prevalence of mental illness in the developing world."
Author: Iain McGilchrist
27. "If you're against globalisation, it doesn't achieve much by sort of bombing the head offices of Shell or Nestle. You unsettle people much more by blowing up an Oxfam shop because people can't understand the motive."
Author: J. G. Ballard
28. "Industrialisation is necessary. But acquisition is by no means the only avenue through which it can be achieved. The Cochin Airport is a prime example of this. Instead of choosing to acquire the land, the State asked the private parties to negotiate with the landowners directly. The State merely acted as an arbitrator."
Author: Jairam Ramesh
29. "I have learned as much in the last three years as in any other comparable period of my life, but with an added realisation of how little over a half century of study one has in fact managed to learn of the whole range of economic policy issues."
Author: James Meade
30. "One of the fundamental questions of today's world is undoubtedly the question of equitable globalisation."
Author: Janez Drnovsek
31. "Ang dalisay na hanging ito at ang mga batong itong napakalilinis ay mapupuno ng karbon, ng mga kahon at bariles, ng mga bunga ng sipag ng tao."
Author: José Rizal
32. "My real guru are my experiences in life - the realisation that you are alone in this world came very early to me."
Author: Kailash Kher
33. "For good or bad, there is a certain level of generalisation when it comes to my work. I want to break that perception. My decision to direct 'Bombay Talkies' or to present 'The Lunchbox' is an attempt to do that. These are the films that gel well with my sensibility, and it's unfortunate, it's not the perception out there."
Author: Karan Johar
34. "I loathe and detest all this trivialisation of politics."
Author: Ken Livingstone
35. "The blood and sweat shed by United States and United Nations troops proved to be the prime mover behind the realisation of freedom throughout the post-war period."
Author: Kim Young Sam
36. "Globalisation will make our societies more creative and prosperous, but also more vulnerable."
Author: Lord Robertson
37. "Tell me we're not going to be stoking up the cook fires to build palisades through the night by their light.' I stood, turning as I spoke.Gravely, he said, ‘You're not going to be stoking the cook fires and building palisades through the night by their light.'Something was wrong with Lupus. He had never in his life made a joke, and his eyes were not laughing; quite the reverse."
Author: M.C. Scott
38. "He was one of that class of men who, apart from a scientific career in which they may well have proved brilliantly successful, have acquired an entirely different kind of culture, literary or artistic, for which their professional specialisation has no use but by which their conversation profits."
Author: Marcel Proust
39. "Divine desperateness is the beginning of spiritual awakening because it gives rise to the aspiration for God-realisation."
Author: Meher Baba
40. "Tu peux réussir et obtenir tout ce que tu souhaites. Tu dois le vouloir et le croire avec toute la profusion de ton cœur et agir avec énergie vers sa réalisation"
Author: Melki Rish
41. "Do not direct all your energies towards seeking pleasure but rather towards a sublime ideal. Your energies will then serve you and contribute to the realisation of your goal or ideal."
Author: Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov
42. "A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias."
Author: Oscar Wilde
43. "O beijo durou, minutos inteiros, tempo suficiente para que a realidade encontrasse uma fresta entre as suas bocas aderentes e se enfiasse por aí adentro, obrigando ambos a analisar o que estavam a fazer.Separaram-se. Mattia sorriu apressadamente, automaticamente, e Alice levou um dedo aos lábios húmidos, quase que a certificar-se se tinha realmente acontecido. Havia uma decisão a tomar e tinha de ser tomada sem falar. Olharam um para o outro, alternadamente, mas já tinham perdido a sincronia e os seus olhos não se encontraram."
Author: Paolo Giordano
44. "If I was going to make a broad generalisation, I'd say that I prefer the company of women. People know now that I live with Mike Figgis, but I prefer not to talk about it. On one level, privacy is important, but on another level I have no desire to deny certain things."
Author: Saffron Burrows
45. "Manusia yg cerdas dalam era globalisasi ialah orang yang pandai & bijak bendung pengaruh buruk dari globalisasi."
Author: SBYudhoyono
46. "I go to St. Matthews in Pacific Palisades, an Episcopal Church."
Author: Stephen Collins
47. "When you act on your beliefs, the realisation that happens is caused by you and this will in turn lead to a consequence."
Author: Stephen Richards
48. "Tidak seperti Kristen-Barat, kita tidak terlalu bersandar kepada, dalam aspek teologi dan metafisika, teori-teori dari para filsuf, ahli metafisika, saintis, palentolog, antropolog, sosiolog, ahli psikoanalisa, ahli metamatika, ahli-ahli bahasa dan cendekiawan sekular lain semacamnya. Hal ini kerana kebanyakan mereka, jika tidak semuanya, tidak pernah emngamalkan kehidupan beragama, mereka yang tidak pernah mengetahui atau meyakini agama tanpa ragu-ragu dan tanpa terombang-ambing. Mereka juga terdiri dari orang yang skeptik, agnostik, ateis dan para peragu."
Author: Syed Muhammad Naquib Al Attas
49. "Kali comes from the Sanskrit word ‘kal', meaning time. She is a Hindu goddess, who is greatly misunderstood by the Western world as being associated with sex, death and violence, but in the Hindu text she kills only demons. For humankind, she represents the death of the ego and the will to overcome the ‘I am the body' idea. She reminds us that the body is only temporary, and through this realisation she provides liberation to her children. To the soul who aspires to greater spiritual endeavours, Kali is receptive, supportive and loving. It is only a person filled with ego who will perceive Kali in a fearsome form. Her black skin represents the womb of the quantum darkness, the great non-manifest from which all of creation arises and into which all of creation will eventually dissolve."
Author: Traci Harding
50. "....with the morbid realisation that his sexual being was a dull thing, a lifeless thing, a mass-produced marionette with chipped paint and fraying strings"
Author: Will Self

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