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1. "Yes, it would nice for this fifty year period, this cradle of all vampire short stories in the English language, to include a vampire tale by Edgar Allan Poe. But the sad answer is that Poe never penned a vampire story."
Author: Andrew Barger
2. "Chorus of women: […] Oh! my good, gallant Lysistrata, and all my friends, be ever like a bundle of nettles; never let you anger slacken; the wind of fortune blown our way."
Author: Aristophanes
3. "Kimi zaman öyle geliyor ki, hayatim boyunca kati hale geçemedim ben, durmadan masalarin, koltuklarin, sehpalarin altina ve yetiskinlerin ayaklarinin dibine çöken, bereket versin havadan agir bir gaz olarak yasadim bunca yili. Yirmi alti yili. Ve bu yirmi alti yil boyunca tek bir seyi istedim, tek bir seyin pesinden kostum, kos dedim ruhuma, kos alçak, kos pislik, o da kostu…Karsima çikan herkesin, kadin erkek, çoluk çocuk, herkesin bana asik olmasini istedim. Iste benim basit gerçegim! Ama artik, içkili ve kalabalik bir aksam yemegi hayal ediyorum. Açik havada, çiplak ampullerin altinda. Güzel seyler yiyip içmisiz. Nefis bir yaz gecesi. Masada kalan son kisi ben olmak istiyorum. Eslerin birlikte kalkmasini seyrediyorum sessizce. Sonra erkeklerden yemege yalniz gelmis kadinlari evlerine birakmalarini rica ediyorum. Masada tek basima kalmak istiyorum. Rüzgarla sallanan çiplak ampüllerin altinda. Agustosböceklerini dinliyorum ve bir parça kuru ekmek atiyorum agzima."
Author: Baris Biçakçi
4. "And, to our bitter grief, with a smile and in silence, he died, a gallant gentleman."
Author: Bram Stoker
5. "Brightness," the man said as she stepped up to him, "we aren't what you think we are.""No," Shallan replied. "You aren't what you think yourselves to be."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
6. "You have quite the clever tongue on you!""I've never actually had someone's tongue on me," Shallan said, turning a page and not looking up, "clever or not. I'd hazard to consider it an unpleasant experience.""It ain't so bad," Gaz said."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
7. "I don't know. ‘Errorgant,' perhaps." Jasnah raised a skeptical eyebrow. "It means to be twice as certain as someone who is merely arrogant," Shallan said, "while possessing only one-tenth the requisite facts."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
8. "I can see what you're up to.""Five foot six inches," Shallan said. "I suspect that's all I will ever be up to, unfortunately."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
9. "I seek the truth," Shallan said. "Wherever it may be, whoever may hold it. That's who I am."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
10. "Shallan's mental image of Jasnah Kholin was of someone almost divine. It was, upon reflection, an odd way to regard a determined atheist."
Author: Brandon Sanderson
11. "I grew up in Bellport, Long Island where I attended Gateway Acting School and met Robin Allan. She was the school's director who took me under her wing and was the one who told me that I could do this for real."
Author: Brendan Dooling
12. "That was the day the ancient songs of blood and war spilled from a hole in the skyAnd there was a long moment as we listened and fell silent in our griefand then one by one, we stood talland came togetherand began to sing of life and love and all that is good and trueAnd I will never forget that day when the ancient songs died because there was no one in the world to sing them."
Author: Brian Andreas
13. "RüzgarSimdi bir rüzgar geçti buradanKostum ama yetisemedim,Nerelerde gezmis tozmusÖgrenemedim.Besbelli denizden çikipKiyilar boyunca gitmistir,Tuz kokusu, katran kokusu, ter kokusuYüregini allak bullak etmistir.Sonra baslamis tirmanmaya daglara dogruBulutlari koyun gibi gütmüstür,Oksayip otlari yaylalardaBüyütmüstür.Köylere de ugradiysa egerIslak, karanlik odalarda besik sallanmistir,Günes altinda çalisanlaraImdat eylemistir.Sonra baslayip alçalmaya ovalara dogru,Hashas tarlalarinda eflatun, pembe, beyaz,Kiraçlarda mavi dikenler..Toz toprak gözlerine gitmistir.Sehirlere ugramis ki yanimdan geçti,Hashas çiçegine benzer kizlar görmüstür,Bir gülüs, bir tel saç, allik pudraAlip gitmistir.Simdi bir rüzgar geçti buradanKostum ama yetisemedim,Soraydim söylerdi herhaldeSoramadim."
Author: Cahit Külebi
14. "The woman's essence has always been the most powerful forcemuch like nature has always been Satan's church.Quote from the Vampire exhibit at Hallands Kulturhistoriska museum 2012"
Author: Czon
15. "You're reaching outAnd no one hears you cryYou're freaking out again'Cause all your fearsRemind you another dream has come undoneYou feel so small and lost like you're the only oneYou wanna scream 'cause you'reDesperateYou want somebody, just anybodyTo lay their hands on your soul tonightYou want a reason to keep believin'That someday you're gonna see the lightYou're in the darkThere's no one left to callAnd sleep's your only friendWell even sleepCan't hide you from all those tearsAnd all the pain and all the daysYou wasted pushin' them awayIt's your life, it's time you face it"
Author: David Archuleta
16. "When I live in the age of miracles," Allan said, "your mother was the greatest miracles of all. Just by standing near me she made me better than I am. she brought out that in me that makes me best. I'd think, I don't deserve her, and then I'd think again and say, wait, yes I do.Because her mere presence made me become someone who deserved her love. Do you see?"
Author: Dexter Palmer
17. "Underneath the sky, so void of light, the rain soaked me through. I held on to the railing and felt calm, even content, and then he had to reach through the dark, raise my temperature and make my heart beat a little bit faster. Not very gallant I should say...especially so close to bedtime. Friend or not, should he rob me of sleep, I'll be sure to take his."
Author: Donna Lynn Hope
18. "What do you hope for that you haven't got? What can that child give you?' There was a little silence. ‘A virgin audience for my riddles, I believe,' said Lymond thoughtfully, at length. ‘But it certainly poses an ungallant question."
Author: Dorothy Dunnett
19. "A boy adopts a hero for two reasons: because a hero captivates his soul and serves as a projection of his innermost self; and, because a hero seems to have solved many problems that may worry a boy, or at least demonstrates the capacity to solve them. The hero is an idealization of successful living, even though he may die in a story. The death may be gallant, brave, tragic, or perhaps even foolhardy. But living or dead, a hero is the stylistic embodiment of living on one's own terms – noble terms, grand terms, exciting terms – terms, in short, that complement any youth's uncorrupted, untamed, unabridged projection of what is possible to him in life"
Author: Edward Cline
20. "His answer was - not the common gallantries which come so easily to the lips of me - but simply that he loved me - he met argument with fact. He told me - that with himself also, the early freshness of youth had gone by, & that throughout it he had not been able to love any woman - that he loved now for the first time & the last."
Author: Elizabeth Barrett Browning
21. "Talk English to me, Tommy.Parlez francais avec moi, Nicole.But the meanings are different-- in French you can be heroic and gallant with dignity, and you know it. But in English you can't be heroic and gallant without being a little absurd, and you know that too. That gives me an advantage."
Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
22. "Ce témoignage relate les pérégrinations d'un jeune Afghan à travers beaucoup de pays et plusieurs continents. A une époque où prendre l'avion était en soi une charmante aventure. Et où le commun des mortels en Occident avait quelque peine à localiser l'obsolète royaume afghan sur une mappemonde. Il couvre une période allant de 1930 à 1965 environ, révélant au passage la face cachée des monarchies théocratiques et leur cohorte d'arbitraires et d'injustices."
Author: Fateh Emam
23. "Henry McAllan was as landsick as any man I ever seen and I seen plenty of em, white and colored both. It's in their eyes, the way they look at the land like a woman they's itching for. White men already got her, they thinking, You mine now, just wait and see what I'm gone do to you. Colored men ain't got her and ain't never gone get her but they dreaming bout her just the same, with every push of that plow and every chop of that hoe. White or colored, none of em got sense enough to see that she the one owns them. She takes their sweat and blood and the sweat and blood of their women and children and when she done took it all she takes their bodies too, churning and churning em up till they one and the same, them and her."
Author: Hillary Jordan
24. "Here comes Mamma Vauquerr, fair as a starrr; and strung up like a bunch of carrots. Aren't we suffocating ourselves a wee bit?' he asked, placing a hand on the top of her corset. 'A bit of a crush in the vestibule, here, Mamma! If we start crying, there'll be an explosion. Never mind, I'll be there to collect the bits--just like an antiquary.''Now, there's the language of true French gallantry,' murmured Madame Vauquer in an aside to Madame Couture."
Author: Honoré De Balzac
25. "Ihmiset istuuaika kulkee nopeamminkun se koostuu odottamisenerilaisista jaksoistatiistaina odotetaan perjantaitakuun puolivälissä kuunvaihdettasydäntalvella kesääkehitetään erilaisia asentojaodottamiseen kaupataanodottaminen ihmisillenojatuoleja leposohviaodotushuoneita käytäviäkatossa ulvovia tuulettimiaautomaatteja kaavakkeitajos tulisi vallankumous niin voisimennä ja lyödä niitä kirveellätakaraivoon"
Author: J. K. Ihalainen
26. "I knew that if the feat was accomplished it must be at a most fearful sacrifice of as brave and gallant soldiers as ever engaged in battle."
Author: John B. Hood
27. "And your wife, she's in the pink and so on?" His expressions were also boyish. "Very bonny, thank you," said Smiley, trying gallantly to respond in kind."
Author: John Le Carré
28. "Neutrinos, they are very small.They have no charge and have no massAnd do not interact at all.The earth is just a silly ballTo them, through which they simply pass,Like dustmaids down a drafty hallOr photons through a sheet of glass.They snub the most exquisite gas,Ignore the most substantial wall,Cold shoulder steel and sounding brass,Insult the stallion in his stall,And, scorning barriers of class,Infiltrate you and me. Like tallAnd painless guillotines they fallDown through our heads into the grass.At night, they enter at NepalAnd pierce the lover and his lassFrom underneath the bed—you callIt wonderful; I call it crass."
Author: John Updike
29. "Allan lurte på hva den lille mannen gjorde i luken hvis han ikke solgte billetter, men sa ingenting. Den lille mannen satt jo kanskje og lurte på det samme."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
30. "Det tog tre månader genom Europa och på vägen fick han möta fler negrer än han någonsin kunnat drömma om. Men redan efter den första hade han tappat intresset. Det visade sig ju inte vara någon annan skillnad än just färgen på huden, förutom att de pratade konstigt språk allihop, men det gjorde ju vitingarna också, från Småland och söderut. Den där Lundborg måste ha blivit skrämd av en neger som barn, trodde Allan."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
31. "Ta bare en slik ting som at syv av ti bolsjeviker ikke kan lese, hadde Fabbe fnyst. Vi kan vel ikke overgi makten til en masse analfabeter. I brevene hjem til familien i Yxhult hadde Allans far likevel forsvart bolsjevikene på dette punktet, for familien skulle bare vite hvordan det russiske alfabetet så ut. Det var ikke noe rart om folk ble analfabeter."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
32. "Allan woke up and wondered whether it wouldn't soon be time to go to bed."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
33. "And not only that, Mr Stalin. I have been in China for the purpose of making war against Mao Tse-tung, before I went to Iran and prevented an attempt to assassinate Churchill.' ‘Churchill? That fat pig!' Stalin shouted. Stalin recovered for a moment before downing a whole glass of vodka. Allan watched enviously. He too would like to have his glass filled, but didn't think it was the right moment for such a request."
Author: Jonas Jonasson
34. "Olen heitetty elämäänkuin lapsi yölliseen metsään:kuulen monia hirveitä ääniä,en ymmärrä, mitä ne ovat.Tuskin uskallan itkeä."
Author: Katri Vala
35. "Levin evleneli üç ay oluyordu. Mutluydu. Ama onun bekledigi mutluluk degildi bu. Adimbasi, eski hayallerinin kirildigini hissediyor; yeni beklenmedik hayal kirikliklariyla karsilasiyordu. Mutluydu, ama aile yasaminin içine girince her an, hayal ettigi seyin bu olmadigini hissediyordu. Sikça, durgun bir gölde küçücük bir kayigin düzgün, mutlu gidisini seyreden bir insanin, bu kayiga kendi bindigi anda hissedeceklerini hissediyordu. Bu kayikta yolculugun yalnizca sakin sakin, sallanmadan oturmak demek olmadigini, kayigin nereye gidecegini aklindan bir an çikarmamanin, durmadan düsünmenin, kafa yormanin; altinda suyun oldugunu, kürek çekmek zorunda oldugunu unutmamasinin, alisik olmadigi için avuç içleri acisa bile kürek çekmesinin gerektigini, bunu seyretmenin hos bir sey oldugunu, ama yapmanin, hos olsa bile, çok güç oldugunu görüyordu.iletisim yayinlari, sayfa:476."
Author: Leo Tolstoy
36. "Secret kabals of vegetarians habitually gather under the sign to exchange contraband from beyond the Vegetable Barrier. In their pinpoint eyes dances their old dream: the Total Fast. One of them reports a new atrocity published without compassionate comment by the editors of Scientific American: "It has been established that, when pulled from the ground, a radish produces an electronic scream." Not even the triple bill for 65? will comfort them tonight. With a mad laugh born of despair, one of them throws himself on a hot-dog stand, disintegrating on the first chew into pathetic withdrawal symptoms. The rest watch him mournfully and then separate into the Montreal entertainment section. The news is more serious than any of them thought. One is ravished by a steak house with sidewalk ventilation. In a restaurant, one argues with the waiter that he ordered "tomato" but then in a suicide of gallantry he agrees to accept the spaghetti, meat sauce mistake."
Author: Leonard Cohen
37. "Ó, kicsikém, mennyire szeretném látni egy cseppet, a hangját hallani, megcsókolni, legalább futólag, ha másképp már nem lehet! Hát igen, hiába, az ilyen gondolatokat nem tudom elnyomni magamban. Nagyon hiányzik nekem, drágám: szívem-lelkem annyira gyötrodik, mióta elszakadtunk egymástól, hogy valóságos testi kínokat érzek."
Author: Madame De Sévigné
38. "He had never known such gallantry as the gallantry of Scarlett O'Hara going forth to conquer the world in her mother's velvet curtains and the tail feathers of a rooster."
Author: Margaret Mitchell
39. "It was a story by Edgar Allan Poe""I didn't know the Teletubbies had first names ..."
Author: Mike A. Lancaster
40. "I endure with gallantry"
Author: Mohammed Abad Alrazak
41. "He was certainly in a confused state. I used to go and visit him in Callan Park. They were really - to me they were the best poets those two writing in those days but it wasn't very encouraging because, well, they weren't getting far were they?"
Author: Robert Adamson
42. "I never quite got the hang of the getting drunk & fondling the thighs [of all the cumbersome young males] business... whether that makes me a gallant & proper gentleman, a cowardly wuss or an unadventurous prude, I cannot make out"
Author: Stephen Fry
43. "The poet Edgar Allan Poe described the false awakening phenomenon long before Carl Jung was born. He wrote, ‘All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.' Have I answered your question?"
Author: Stephen King
44. "Colin : "Perhaps now is the time to tell you that I have a weakness for agreeable women."Sugar Beth : "Well, that sure does leave me out."Colin : "Exactly. With agreeable women, I'm unendingly considerate. Gallant even."Sugar Beth : "But with tarts like me, the gloves are off, is that it?"Colin : "I wouldn't exactly call you a tart. But then, I tend to be broad-minded."She suppressed the urge to dump her porridge in his lap."
Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
45. "They had to call and callAnd pick the worms off me like sticky pearls.--From the poem "Lady Lazarus", written 23-29 October 1962"
Author: Sylvia Plath
46. "Sert bir dil kullanirlardi o korkunç yumusakligi kapsayabilmek için. Nallandi derlerdi. Göçtü, iserken sislendi. Acimasizlik degildi, sahne durusuydu sadece. Oyuncuydular. Biri öldügünde tam ölmek gibi degildi, çünkü tuhaf bir biçimde senaryo geregiydi ve repliklerini ezbere biliyorlardi sanki, ironi katilmis trajedi. Ve bu yüzden farkli adlar yakistirmayi severlerdi, ölüm gerçegini parçalamak için. Cesetleri tekmelerlerdi. Bas parmaklari keserlerdi. Homurtulu bir argoyla konusurlardi."
Author: Tim O'Brien
47. "The sky was the color of Edgar Allan Poe's pajamas."
Author: Tom Robbins
48. "Of course not," she snapped. "I'm only thirsty. Would you play the gallant and find me a glass of lemonade?""I assume 'lemonade' is code for wine?"
Author: Victoria Dahl
49. "There is a finely translated epigram in the greek anthology which admirably expresses this state of mind, this acceptance of loss as unatoned for, even tho the lost element might be one's self: 'A shipwrecked sailor, buried on this coast, bids you set sail. Full many a gallant bark, when we were lost, weathered the gal."
Author: William James
50. "Fill your tall goblets with white wine and red,And sing brave songs of gallant love and true,Wearing soft robes of emerald and blue,And dance, as I your dances oft have led,And laugh, as I have often laughed with you -And be most merry - after I am dead."
Author: Winifred Holtby

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