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1. "Each one of us, of course," the Controller meditatively continued, "goes through life inside a bottle. But if we happen to be Alphas, our bottles are, relatively speaking enormous."
Author: Aldous Huxley
2. "(Ren's) eyes were sad but resigned. "And where will you go?"I couldn't keep the fear out of my reply. "I don't know.""Please don't do this," he whispered. "Come back with me. We'll talk to Logan; there has to be an explanation. The Keepers need us; we're the alphas. We'll figure this out. They won't hurt you. I won't let them."
Author: Andrea Cremer
3. "God save her from annoying Alphas."
Author: Jill Shalvis
4. "I didn't speak macho alpha , therefore could not communicate telepathically, via chin lifts or through actions to other macho alphas,"
Author: Kristen Ashley
5. "It was then I was seeing the wisdom of doing what I could to amass a girl posse who knew how to deal with "uber-alphas" because they could share their wisdom."
Author: Kristen Ashley
6. "Malphas surveyed the women's bodies with utter disgust and sorrowuntil he realized Tabitha was still alive. He knelt by her side and cradled her head tenderly. "Tabby... I'm so sorry"Grimacing she opened her eyes as she labored to breathe. She laughed bitterly, exposing a set of bleeding teeth. "there are some things that sorry doesn't fix, Caleb.""Shhh, don't speak. I can--""you failed us," She went limp in his arms. Her eyes went Dull.Wincing, Caleb held her close to his heart and stroked her bloody hair. "No, Tabby. I failed myself.""Most of all, I failed Nick."
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon

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I never met your likeness. Jane: you please me, and you master me - you seem to submit, and I like the sense of pliancy you impart; and while I am twining the soft, silken skein round my finger, it sends a thrill up my arm to my heart. I am influenced - conquered; and the influence is sweeter than I can express; and the conquest I undergo has a witchery beyond any triumph _I_ can win."
Author: Charlotte Brontë

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