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1. "The land itself, of course, was careless of its name. It still is. You can call it what you like, fight all the wars you want in its name. Change its name altogether if you like. The land is still unblinking under the African sky. It will absorb white man's blood and the blood of African men, it will absorb blood from slaughtered cattle and the blood from a woman's birthing with equal thirst. It doesn't care."
Author: Alexandra Fuller
2. "VERSO DECORATIVOLa niña vio a la luna en el azul estanqueQue en medio de los pinos servía de pecera.(Piernas de cazadora, suelta la cabellera,Y el fino seno blanco celoso de su arranque).De un elástico salto llegó junto a la fuente,Hundió las blancas manos, tomó el disco de oro,Y al cargar junto al cuello el redondo tesoro,La cabellera negra se le tornó luciente.Y huyó bajo las selvas. Su grito de alegríaHasta los dulces nidos de las aves subía,E, iluminando el bosque perfumado, la vieron,Cargada de la luna, pasar los abedules,Y siguiendo en el aire la curva de sus tulesEjércitos de pájaros cantando la siguieron."
Author: Alfonsina Storni
3. "People who cease to believe in God or goodness altogether still believe in the devil... Evil is always possible. And goodness is eternally difficult."
Author: Anne Rice
4. "Omul ordinar este preocupat sa-si omoare timpul, omul de spirit va sti intotdeauna cum sa si-l intrebuinteze. De aceea, jocul de carti a ajuns ocupatia predilecta in orice societate. Neavind idei de schimbat, oamenii schimba cartea la masa si-si cistiga banii unii altora. Cei care nu stiu nici atit, sau sint de-a dreptul prosti, bat darabana cu degetele-n masa.Tigarea inlocuieste, de asemenea, gindirea, atunci cind nu are ce stimula."
Author: Arthur Schopenhauer
5. "Con le macchine pensano di far miracoli: ma quali? Di Dio non sentono più bisogno; ma che sortii di miracolo saranno? Per esempio, non si deve più parlare di alto e di basso: a loro non serve più. Aristotele, che per tutto il resto considerano alla stregua di una vecchia ciabatta, ha detto (e questo lo citano): «Se la spola del telaio girasse da sola, se il plettro della cetra suonasse da sé, i maestri non avrebbero più bisogno di aiutanti, né i padroni di servi». Ed è quello che sta avverandosi mi sa."
Author: Bertolt Brecht
6. "The 1920s was a great time for reading altogether, very possibly the peak decade for reading in American life. Soon it would be overtaken by the passive distraction of radio, but for the moment reading remained the people's principle method for filling idle time."
Author: Bill Bryson
7. "We have knowledge, we have the living oracles in our midst, and with all this let me say to the Latter-day Saints that they stand upon slippery places. They do not all fully know the paths they walk in, they do not all perfectly understand their own ways and doings, many do not altogether realize their own weaknesses, do not understand the power of the devil and how liable they are to be decoyed one hair's breadth, to begin with, from the line of truth. They are first drawn by a fine line, in a little time it becomes a cord, it soon increases to a strong rope, and from that to a cable; thus it grows from the size of a spider's web, in comparison.[JD3:222]"
Author: Brigham Young
8. "Il Principe diede mano alla Principessa perché si alzasse: ella era già abbigliata e con gran magnificenza: ed egli fu abbastanza prudente da farle osservare, che era vestita come la mi' nonna, e che aveva un camicino alto fin sotto gli orecchi, come costumava un secolo addietro."
Author: Charles Perrault
9. "If a dream can tell the future it can also thwart that future. For God will not permit that we shall know what is to come. He is bound to no one that the world unfold just so upon its course and those who by some sorcery or by some dream might come to pierce the veil that lies so darkly over all that is before them may serve by just that vision to cause that God should wrench the world from its heading and set it upon another course altogether and then where stands the sorcerer? Where the dreamer and his dream?"
Author: Cormac McCarthy
10. "In fact, I've essentially given up on the idea of flight altogether and accepted that I'm going to be an angel-blood who stays earthbound, a flightless bird, like an ostrich. Maybe, or in this weather, a penguin."
Author: Cynthia Hand
11. "Observé el salpicadero de Misery. Estar con ella me reconfortaba un poco, pero notanto como mi sofá. Y en ese momento me di cuenta. Me di cuenta de una atrocidad quehabía pasado por alto durante años. Nunca le había puesto nombre a mi sofá. ¿Cómo habíasido capaz de hacerle eso? ¿Cómo había sido tan insensible? ¿Tan fría y egoísta?¿Y qué nombre le pondría? Era un asunto importante. Muy importante. El muebleno podía ir por la vida con un nombre que no encajara con su personalidad.Abrumada por la extraña sensación de alivio que me proporcionaba tener un nuevoobjetivo en la vida, volví a poner a Misery en marcha. Ya me preocuparía más tarde por lode ser una gallina clueca. Ahora debía encontrar un nombre para mi sofá."
Author: Darynda Jones
12. "In response to a plea in early 1941 from his colleague and friend, the writer Marietta Shaginyan, who was newly infatuated with the Piano Quintet and its creator, Mickhail Zoshchenko drafted for her a portrait of the Shostakovich he knew, a deeply complex individual:"It seemed to you that he is "frail, fragile, withdrawn, an infinitely direct, pure child." That is so. But if it were only so, then great art (as with him) would never be obtained. He is exactly what you say he is, plus something else — he is hard, acid, extremely intelligent, strong perhaps, despotic and not altogether good-natured (although cerebrally good-natured).That is the combination in which he must be seen. And then it may be possible to understand his art to some degree.In him, there are great contradictions. In him, one quality obliterates the other. It is conflict in the highest degree. It is almost a catastrophe."Quoted in Laurel Fay: Shostakovich, a Life."
Author: Dmitri Shostakovich
13. "In reaction against the age-old slogan, "woman is the weaker vessel," or the still more offensive, "woman is a divine creature," we have, I think, allowed ourselves to drift into asserting that "a woman is as good as a man," without always pausing to think what exactly we mean by that. What, I feel, we ought to mean is something so obvious that it is apt to escape attention altogether, viz: (...) that a woman is just as much an ordinary human being as a man, with the same individual preferences, and with just as much right to the tastes and preferences of an individual. What is repugnant to every human being is to be reckoned always as a member of a class and not as an individual person."
Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
14. "To muse for long unwearied hours with my attention riveted to some frivolous device upon the margin, or in the typography of a book — to become absorbed for the better part of a summer's day in a quaint shadow falling aslant upon the tapestry, or upon the floor — to lose myself for an entire night in watching the steady flame of a lamp, or the embers of a fire — to dream away whole days over the perfume of a flower — to repeat monotonously some common word, until the sound, by dint of frequent repetition, ceased to convey any idea whatever to the mind — to lose all sense of motion or physical existence in a state of absolute bodily quiescence long and obstinately persevered in — Such were a few of the most common and least pernicious vagaries induced by a condition of the mental faculties, not, indeed, altogether unparalleled, but certainly bidding defiance to any thing like analysis or explanation."
Author: Edgar Allan Poe
15. "Miss Jenkyns wore a cravat, and a little bonnet like a jockey-cap, and altogether had the appearance of a strong-minded woman; although she would have despised the modern idea of women being equal to men. Equal, indeed! she knew they were superior."
Author: Elizabeth Gaskell
16. "L'amore non è un sentimento al quale ci si possa abbandonare senza aver raggiunto un alto livello di maturità."
Author: Erich Fromm
17. "Iubi?i cititori...fiecare dintre voi are dreptate, numai ceilal?i gre?esc. Totdeauna. Cu o condi?ie: nici unul dintre voi sa nu-?i închipuie ca e celalalt. Nu va încrede?i în afirma?iile altora. Repune?i totul în discu?ie. Fi?i voi în?iva. Nu asculta?i nici un sfat: cu excep?ia acestuia."
Author: Eugène Ionesco
18. "As a bathtub lined with white porcelain, When the hot water gives out or goes tepid, So is the slow cooling of our chivalrous passion, O my much praised but-not-altogether-satisfactory lady."
Author: Ezra Pound
19. "Organizar em perfeito paralelismo a minha vida prática e a minha vida especulativa, de modo a que a primeira nunca possa prejudicar a segunda, à qual está, por um dever mais alto, subordinada."
Author: Fernando Pessoa
20. "Al lector actual, que es un ave perseguida por demasiados cazadores y ya en grave peligro de extinción, le encanta el miedo: agradece los sobresaltos escritos o filmados, el asesino múltiple o el espectro que sale de la tumba en busca de agradecidas doncellas, las vésceras desparramadas, los alaridos del pánico, la amenaza. Quiere sentirse amenazado, sí, y perseguido y acosado: vivir una agonía en cada página y después cerrar el libro incólume con un escalofrío de satisfacción para irse a tomar su ensalada ecológica y su pan integral."
Author: Fernando Savater
21. "I have got, over the years, a sense of the immense sweep of creation, of the evolutionary process in everything, of how incomprehensible God must necessarily be to be the God of heaven and earth. You can't fit the Almighty into your intellectual categories…. What kept me a skeptic [of secularism] in college was precisely my Christian faith. It always said: wait, don't bite on this, get a wider picture, continue to read. If you want your faith, you have to work for it…. Even in the life of a Christian, faith rises and falls like the tides of an invisible sea. It's there, even when he can't see it or feel it, if he wants it to be there. You realize, I think, that it is more valuable, more mysterious, altogether more immense than anything you can learn or decide in college. Learn what you can, but cultivate Christian skepticism."
Author: Flannery O'Connor
22. "Only the French, I guess, really use tenor and alto to any great extent in the orchestra."
Author: Gerry Mulligan
23. "Elvis transcends his talent to the point of dispensing with it altogether."
Author: Greil Marcus
24. "We are but phantoms, and the phantoms of phantoms, desires like cloud-shadows and wills of straw that eddy in the wind; the days pass, use and wont carry us through as a train carries the shadow of its lights - so be it! But one thing is real and certain, one thing is no dream-stuff, but eternal and enduring. It is the centre of my life, and all other things about it are subordinate or altogether vain. I loved her, that woman of a dream. And she and I are dead together!"
Author: H.G. Wells
25. "Your Kentuckian of the present day is a good illustration of the doctrine of transmitted instincts and peculiarities. His fathers were mighty hunters, - men who lived in the woods, and slept under the free, open heavens, with the stars to hold their candles; and their descendant to this day always acts as if the house were his camp, - wears his hat at all hours, tumbles himself about, and puts his heels on the tops of chairs or mantel-pieces, just as his father rolled on the green sward, and put his upon trees or logs, - keep all the windows and doors open, winter and summer, that he may get air enough for his great lungs, - calls everybody "stranger", with nonchalant bonhommie, and is altogether the frankest, easiest, most jovial creature living."
Author: Harriet Beecher Stowe
26. "So fare thee well, poor devil of a Sub-Sub, whose commentator I am. Thou belongest to that hopeless, sallow tribe which no wine of this world will ever warm; and for whom even Pale Sherry would be too rosy-strong; but with whom one sometimes loves to sit, and feel poor-devilish, too; and grow convivial upon tears; and say to them bluntly, with full eyes and empty glasses, and in not altogether unpleasant sadness— Give it up, Sub-Subs! For by how much more pains ye take to please the world, by so much the more shall ye for ever go thankless! Would that I could clear out Hampton Court and the Tuileries for ye! But gulp down your tears and hie aloft to the royal-mast with your hearts; for your friends who have gone before are clearing out the seven-storied heavens, and making refugees of long pampered Gabriel, Michael, and Raphael, against your coming. Here ye strike but splintered hearts together—there, ye shall strike unsplinterable glasses!"
Author: Herman Melville
27. "But the third Emir, now seeing himself all alone on the quarter-deck, seems to feel relieved from some curious restraint; for, tipping all sorts of knowing winks in all sorts of directions, and kicking off his shoes, he strikes into a sharp but noiseless squall of a hornpipe right over the Grand Turk's head; and then, by a dexterous sleight, pitching his cap up into the mizentop for a shelf, he goes down rollicking so far at least as he remains visible from the deck, reversing all other processions, by bringing up the rear with music. But ere stepping into the cabin doorway below, he pauses, ships a new face altogether, and, then, independent, hilarious little Flask enters King Ahab's presence, in the character of Abjectus, or the Slave."
Author: Herman Melville
28. "Oh!" cried Anne eagerly, "I hope I do justice to all that is felt by you,and by those who resemble you. God forbid that I should undervaluethe warm and faithful feelings of any of my fellow-creatures! I should deserve utter contempt if I dared to suppose that true attachmentand constancy were known only by woman. No, I believe you capableof everything great and good in your married lives. I believe you equalto every important exertion, and to every domestic forbearance,so long as--if I may be allowed the expression--so long as you havean object. I mean while the woman you love lives, and lives for you. All the privilege I claim for my own sex (it is not a very enviable one;you need not covet it), is that of loving longest, when existenceor when hope is gone."
Author: Jane Austen
29. "I leave it to be settled, by whomsoever it may concern, whether the tendency of this work be altogether to recommend parental tyranny, or reward filial disobedience."
Author: Jane Austen
30. "Yo le quería decir que el azar se parece al deseoque un beso es sólo un asalto y la cama es un ring de boxeo,que las caricias que mojan la piel y la sangre amotinanse marchitan cuando las toca la sucia rutina."
Author: Joaquín Sabina
31. "John Dalton's records, carefully preserved for a century, were destroyed during the World War II bombing of Manchester. It is not only the living who are killed in war."
Author: John Dalton
32. "The most fearsome monsters of all may inhabit the dark corners of our mind waiting for us to release them through our believes and gullibility. the phenomenon feeds on fear and believe. Sometimes it destroys us altogether other times it leads us upwards into the labyrinth of electromagnetic frequencies that form a curtain in the area we call windows and stalk us to drink our blood and create all kinds of mischievous beliefs and misconceptions in our feeble little terrestrial minds."
Author: John Keel
33. "Cînd esti copil, esti în centrul tuturor lucrurilor. Totul se întîmpla pentru tine. Ceilalti oameni? Sînt doar niste fantome puse la dispozitia ta ca sa le vorbesti. Dar cînd cresti, îti iei locul si îti capeti masura si forma ta proprie. Anumite lucruri pornesc de la tine spre ceilalti si îti vin tie din partea altora. E mai rau, dar e si mult mai bine asa"
Author: John Steinbeck
34. "A: Absorbed in our discussion of immortality, we had let night fall without lighting the lamp, and we couldn't see each other's faces. With an offhandedness or gentleness more convincing than passion would have been, Macedonio Fernandez' voice said once more that the soul is immortal. He assured me that the death of the body is altogether insignificant, and that dying has to be the most unimportant thing that can happen to a man. I was playing with Macedonio's pocketknife, opening and closing it. A nearby accordion was infinitely dispatching La Comparsita, that dismaying trifle that so many people like because it's been misrepresented to them as being old... I suggested to Macedonio that we kill ourselves, so we might have our discussion without all that racket. Z: (mockingly) But I suspect that at the last moment you reconsidered. A: (now deep in mysticism) Quite frankly, I don't remember whether we committed suicide that night or not."
Author: Jorge Luis Borges
35. "Dizem que o tempo sara todas as feridas. Talvez seja verdade. Mas há feridas que parecem não sarar. Sangram, vertem pus, voltam a sangrar, surpreendem-nos a magoar a alma quando esta já deveria estar habituada e imune a tanta dor. É certo que, às vezes, essas feridas acalmam, como as marés que recolhem a água e recuam para o mar alto; mas, tal como as marés, regressam depois, revigoradas, pujantes, invadindo de novo a praia e fazendo sentir o fulgor da sua presença, o ímpeto do seu regresso."
Author: José Saramago
36. "It was dark, so I couldn't make out much of her face, but she had brilliant red hair, like honey and roses and the sun altogether."
Author: Kiera Cass
37. "Desejo, sonho e medo, o amor é um salto sem rede entre a razão e a magia. (E só assim vale a pena)."
Author: Lya Luft
38. "Many people bypass search engines altogether and still find what they're looking for online. These Internet surfers are using direct navigation."
Author: Marc Ostrofsky
39. "Barry's of a mind it's better to be silent and presumed a fool than to open your mouth and remove doubt altogether."
Author: Mark Frost
40. "Adam searched out old friends from the neighborhood. They drank beer together in the garden of the Stag & Hounds, trading stories and trying their best to ignore the inescapable truth - that the ties that once bound them were loosening by the year and might soon be gone altogether."
Author: Mark Mills
41. "At Wal-Mart, if you couldn't explain an idea or a concept in simple terms on one page of paper Sam Walton considered the new idea too complicated to implement."
Author: Michael Bergdahl
42. "Sam Walton instilled ownership of the products in the stores into the collective consciousness of every associate regardless of what job they did for the company."
Author: Michael Bergdahl
43. "Building a museum case and filling it with types of mussels is one way of knowing mussels; but on the shore, a mussel leads to a crab or a curious stone, which leads to another thing and eventually leads back to mussels, which is another and perhaps a more far-reaching way to know mussels. The sea that always seems like a metaphor, but one that is always moving, cannot be fixed, like a heart that is a like a tongue that is like a mystery that is like a story that is like a border that is like something altogether different and like everything at once. One thing leads to another, and this is the treasure that always runs through your fingers and never runs out."
Author: Rebecca Solnit
44. "Sing, then. Sing, indeed, with shoulders back, and head up so that song might go to the roof and beyond to the sky. Mass on mass of tone, with a hard edge, and rich with quality, every single note a carpet of colour woven from basso profundo, and basso, and baritone, and alto, and tenor, and soprano, and also mezzo, and contralto, singing and singing, until life and all things living are become a song.O, Voice of Man, organ of most lovely might."
Author: Richard Llewellyn
45. "Faith is, at one and the same time, absolutely necessary and altogether impossible."
Author: Stanisław Lem
46. "While the new Legionnaire man eliminated his enemies in the name of God, with a cross in his hand, the new Communist man eliminated God altogether and stood on His pedestal. They were both equally thirsty for blood."
Author: Teodor Flonta
47. "She has stepped out into a different night, a different town altogether, one of those first-person-shooter towns that you can drive around in seemingly forever, but never away from. The only humanity visible are virtual extras in the distance, none offering any of the help she needs."
Author: Thomas Pynchon
48. "It's one thing to win a game with a base hit, or to save a game by pitching a scoreless ninth ... it's something altogether different to save our National Pastime by day in and day out showing up with the joy and passion of a kid playing Little League and the determined attitude and work ethic of a consummate professional bent on doing one thing and one thing only: his job."
Author: Tucker Elliot
49. "I saw you, looking like Hayworth, making me want to pin you up, pin you down, take you for a different kind of ride altogether."
Author: Vicki Pettersson
50. "El distintivo de una empresa innovadora no es solo ser la primera en tener nuevas ideas, también es saber cómo dar un salto al frente cuando se encuentra rezagada."
Author: Walter Isaacson

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